Be a Ski or Snowboard Instructor


How To Become a Ski or Snowboard Instructor

Professional ski and snowboard instructors come in all shapes and sizes and from many different backgrounds. Some are part-time, some are full-time. Some prefer teaching beginners, or kids, because they enjoy introducing new people to the sport, while others are coaching competitive athletes at the highest level. But at the end of the day, all snow pros are here for the same reason – to celebrate the community and culture of the sport, and to share that experience with as many people as possible.

PSIA-AASI Education and Credentials

The PSIA-AASI Board of Directors and national office staff are committed to providing association members with the most comprehensive, compelling, up-to-date resources for improving the on-snow experience for skiers and snowboarders of every age and ability. They work directly with the regional divisions and members to create specific education material for each of the disciplines that our members teach: alpine skiing, nordic skiing, snowboarding, and adaptive skiing and snowboarding. In addition, we also provide materials focused on children, freestyle, and even cross-discipline material that address how to teach a great lesson regardless of how you slide on snow.

PSIA-AASI also offers professional certification and certificate programs for those instructors looking to gain peer-reviewed recognition of their skills and knowledge. PSIA-AASI develops national certification standards with our industry partners that provide the foundation for these credentialing programs.

PSIA-AASI National Standards

The following are the current PSIA-AASI education/certification standards. Referenced to PSIA-AASI manuals, terminology consistent with these manuals is used throughout these documents. These standards provide a training focus and represent a minimum competency for each level of certification.

Membership Benefits

From professional development to expanding your abilities to share the ski and snowboard experience with others, to making lifelong friends and memories, PSIA-AASI is devoted to helping you make your time as an instructor as rewarding as possible. The vision of the Association is to inspire lifelong passion for the mountain experience, and the Association mission is to support our members both personally and professionally, and to create positive learning experiences and have more fun.

Membership Levels

PSIA-AASI membership consists of both registered and certified members. Once you join the Association you become a registered member. When you take and pass your Level I, Level II or Level III certification exams, you become a certified member or instructor.

Member Profiles

PSIA-AASI provides so much more than just a membership; it provides a connection to people that are excited about skiing and riding and sharing that passion with others. And, it provides a connection to sliding on snow that has the power to change lives. On the Member Profiles pages, ski and snowboard instructors from across the country talk about just how deep that connection can be.

Become A Member

Joining PSIA-AASI is easy. First, determine at which ski and ride area you would like to work or volunteer as an instructor. For help seeing where schools are in your area, and across the country, check with your local PSIA-AASI division office. The division office can also let you know which schools are PSIA-AASI member schools and send you a member information packet.


PSIA-AASI is made up of nine regional divisions within a national organization. The national office is in Lakewood, Colorado, and the divisions are located around the country. Divisions deliver the on-the-ground services to the members in their regions including educational events and certification exams.