PSIA-AASI National Standards

Here’s your one-stop shop for PSIA-AASI’s most up-to-date education/certification standards. These standards provide a training focus and represent the minimum standard of competency expected for each level of certification.

Certification candidates are held to the knowledge and performance standards of the level at which they are testing, as well as the criteria for all preceding levels.

Current PSIA-AASI National Certification and Certificate Standards:

AASI Certification Standards (PDF) Updated

PSIA Alpine Certification Standards (PDF) 

PSIA-AASI Children’s Specialist Standards (PDF) Updated

PSIA-AASI Freestyle Specialist Standards (PDF) Updated

PSIA Adaptive Alpine Certification Standards (PDF) Updated

AASI Adaptive Snowboard Certification Standards (PDF) Updated

PSIA Nordic Cross Country Certification Standards (PDF) Updated

PSIA Telemark Certification Standards (PDF) Updated

If you are interested in seeing historical versions of the standards or versions of the standards where updates are highlighted, please email