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Video from Tony Macri: How to Train Anywhere
As anyone who has begun their quest towards higher levels of certification such as the Holy Grail of full certification Level III knows, we sometimes think we need to find the gnarliest terrain or snow conditions to train on. However, lack of snow, o...

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The Best All-Time Runs and Trails
We’ve all got them, those all-time favorite runs that keep us reminiscing about our best days ever, while still dreaming of best days to come. Whether it’s because of a perfect pitch, because it’s where we fell in love with a cer...

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When Was the Last Time You Went Rollerblading?

Ski areas across the country are starting to call it a season. Hopefully you’re planning to close out your ski year with a bang at National Academy in Snowbird this April! Regardless, it’s time to make plans for honing your ski skills during the off season.

Rollerblade®, a PSIA-AASI sponsor, offers the very best way to cross-train. Inline skating uses many of the same core muscles as skiing and allows you to mimic the speed and carving of skiing without snow.

The new 2015 Macroblade 90 and Macroblade 100 skates are the most comfortable skates ever produced by Rollerblade. Macroblades use a two-layer seamless construction, aluminum buckle and 45° strap, and the lace lock system provide excellent support and comfort to keep you carving all day long.

The larger wheels, 90mm or 100mm, allow you to easily roll over bumps for a smooth and fast ride.  At the same time, if you are looking for a quick turning skate that offers excellent agility, the Macroblade is best in its class.

Both skates offer the same great comfort, support and agility, but the Macroblade 100 rolls on top of the line 100mm Hydrogen wheels. The larger Hydrogen wheels create a perfect combination of speed, road grip, and wheel wear characteristics. Both the Macroblade 90 and Macroblade 100 also feature fast and durable SG9 bearings.

Rollerblade encourages all inline skaters to use proper protective gear when skating. The Lux Plus 3 Pack has you covered, and includes wrist, knee and elbow pads. The Lux Plus 3 Pack features: shock absorbing inserts, seat elbow pad, anti-abrasion material and Coolmax technology for breathability.

The most important piece of protective gear is a helmet. The Rollerblade Racemachine helmet is a great option for those looking for an ultra-light, sleek helmet with quick adjustment fit system. If you are looking for a skate park style helmet, the new Maxxum helmet with ABS shell keeps your head safe and features the latest styles.

See the Pro Offers page for more.

- Peter Kray

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Top Five Reasons You Need to Get to National Academy 2015!
PSIA-AASI National Academy at Snowbird is always a can’t-miss event, offering the ultimate clinics, top quality terrain, and thought-provoking speakers to help you finish your season on a high note. This year’s edition of National Acad...

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World’s Largest Lesson, Snow Farming + Lindsey Vonn
Want to help teach the world’s largest ski and snowboard lesson? Plans are being put in place to do exactly that, on January 8, 2016. Billed as a record-breaking way to kick off Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month, LSSM organizers are hoping ...

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