PSIA Nordic Team’s Emily Lovett on Dynamic Balance, a Summer Time Opportunity

Whether we realize it or not, most of us gain balance skills over the course of the ski season. In March, standing on one foot, gliding on one ski doesn’t feel as challenging as it did in November. 

Dynamic balance is one of the most important pieces to technique development. First and foremost, dynamic balance allows us to glide on our skis. It creates efficiency. Dynamic balance allows us to apply power in our kick/push off and balance allows us to fully transfer our weight from ski to ski which leads back to the glide phase. Graceful, powerful, efficient skiing can be achieved with good one leg dynamic balance.

As ski instructors and coaches, we have an opportunity in the summer months to help athletes maintain and develop dynamic balance skills.  

The ABCs
The word “dynamic” is important in one leg ski balance because our external environment is constantly changing as we move down the trail. I like to point this out because to achieve dynamic one leg ski balance, we must also have agility and coordination skills. Agility allow us to move quickly and easily to adjust Balance as we our external environment changes. Coordination of body movement helps us to maintain balance.

Roller skiing, slack line-ing, roller blading, stand up paddle boarding, yoga, water skiing, and dancing are some examples of activities we can use to maintain and develop dynamic balance.

Develop a Plan
What if we decided that this summer season, we could build on our balance skills and head into next ski season feeling strong in that area of our skiing? Here’s the plan: maintain a routine of working on dynamic balance three days per week. It doesn’t take a huge amount of time; it takes consistency to develop and maintain the balancing muscle memory.  In the short video you can watch at the link below, I show a few of my favorite go-to exercises to maintain and improve balance. These exercises can be modified for all levels and can be a good complement to roller skiing.

There are so many ways we can work on balance. Come up with your own plan that works for you. Pick activities and exercises you can do on a consistent basis and change them up so you don’t get bored or in a rut. I’d love to hear what other methods people use to maintain their balance skills over the summer months. Jump on board with a dynamic balance workout plan and head into next ski season one stride ahead!

Dynamic Balance from Emily Lovett on Vimeo.

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  • PSIA Nordic Team’s Emily Lovett on Dynamic Balance, a Summer Time Opportunity


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