Educational Leadership Council Maps Path to Continued Success for PSIA-AASI

The PSIA-AASI Educational Leadership Council met in Colorado this weekend, with members from across the country coming together to continue mapping out plans and opportunities for the continued success of the organization.

Listen to this podcast about the meeting, then read on for more details.

“Overall, the weekend was a huge success, bringing together educational leaders to discuss where we are heading,” reported PSIA-AASI Education Development Specialist Aleisha Padilla. “Every individual present shared an update on how each division wrapped up last season, and where they are heading into next season. Some of the highlights included eLearning courses, international policies, and areas for collaboration and establishing consistency for our members and the people they are teaching.”

Padilla added that as each division provided feedback, it was apparent that there might be duplication of efforts and funding across the divisions leading to the opportunity to work together on projects, saving time and money.

Kris Von Wald from Penn State University was also invited to join the council, where she led a workshop session in which the group discussed establishing learning outcomes, learning activities and assessment activities and criteria for teaching fundamentals.

“It was inspiring to work through assessing each one of these areas with the educational leaders, especially because it showed the passion, heart, and commitment they have to bettering our organization.”

PSIA-AASI Director of Education Dave Schuiling said that workshop, which is part of an ongoing project in conjunction with Penn State, could prove key to quantifying the many skills PSIA-AASI members acquire and hone on and off-snow, and how those skills apply to other professions.

“Working on learning outcomes provides us the educational framework for consistency and moves us one step closer to unifying standard assessment practices, accurately defining measurable outcomes for cross observation,” said Schuiling. “This unifying work also validates our credentials to align transferable skills to credit rate courses at a university level. Our efforts for consistency have even greater value to our membership as we look for career advancement within or outside the snowsports industry.”

In closing, Padilla said the weekend provided a new spark to the passion and commitment that drives the members of the council, especially in the ability to collaborate with each other.

She said, “In speaking about topics such as reinstatement policies to cross certification, they all rolled up their sleeves and committed to the organization as well as each other that we would unify and work together to make sure we are providing relevant and educational resources that will make everyone in PSIA-AASI proud.”

- Peter Kray 

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  • Educational Leadership Council Maps Path to Continued Success for PSIA-AASI


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