First-Year Snow Pros Can Get a Leg Up with Guide for New Instructors + E-Learning Course

First-year snow pros (or those intrigued by the prospect of teaching snowsports) have a brand-new publication at their disposal, PSIA-AASI’s Guide for New Instructors. Designed to complement the recently launched "E-Learning Course for New Instructors" (see below), this 17-page PDF is available for free download right here. This guide offers a deep dive into the ideal knowledge base for new instructors, covering professionalism and in-depth information on teaching, learning, and safety.

Be Sure to Take the E-Learning Course for New Instructors
The other key tool for first-year instructors (and those who want to join the tight-knit community of snow pros) is PSIA-AASI’s recently unveiled E-Learning Course for New Instructors. It serves as an excellent resource for new-hire training and an invaluable way to give first-year and prospective instructors an early understanding of how to succeed on snow. This e-learning course is designed to help onboard new hires and to complement the on-snow training new instructors may receive at a snowsports school hiring clinic.

“It’s a high-level overview about what it means to be a new instructor,” said PSIA-AASI Education Development Specialist Aleisha Padilla Seubert. “It was designed specifically for people who are thinking about getting into teaching, or have already started to work as an instructor and want to get up to speed before they teach their first lesson on the hill.” 

FREE to all PSIA-AASI members and non-members who are beginning a role as a snowsports instructor, the course introduces three key topics: 1) working as a professional, 2) how to work with guests, and 3) on-the-job safety. A certificate of completion is issued with this course so that instructors and hiring managers can check for understanding. Even returning instructors will find it a helpful means of reviewing their knowledge base and refreshing their teaching perspective.“It provides a great summary of PSIA-AASI’s Teaching Cycle and Learning Partnership, on which we base our teaching methodologies,” said Padilla Seubert, who added that the course was created with the input of several ski and snowboard school directors and includes information from PSIA-AASI technical manuals and safety content from the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA).

The E-Learning Course for New Instructors is the first online course in PSIA-AASI’s Learning Management System, which will eventually include a course to help instructors prepare for Level I alpine and snowboard certification, a course on PSIA's 5 Fundamentals of Alpine Skiing, additional training for all disciplines, and much more.

“This is really just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the resources we’re working on for PSIA-AASI members and snowsports school directors,” said Padilla Seubert. 

Get more insights on the E-Learning Course in this First Chair Podcast.

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  • First-Year Snow Pros Can Get a Leg Up with Guide for New Instructors + E-Learning Course


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