Fall Conference Focuses on Collaboration, Consistency to Create New Opportunities

The PSIA-AASI Teams and educational leaders from across the country took a bold leap forward at Team Training and Fall Conference in Keystone, CO, earlier this month, focusing on how Learning Outcomes and Teaching Fundamentals can improve the professional development and certification process for everyone. 

You can read an overview of the event here. This is what members of the Education Leaders Council and the Children’s Task Force had to say about the event.

Doug Daniels, Eastern Division: “As always, the true power of Fall Conference is the collaboration of the divisional representatives working together with the benefit of their membership at the forefront, asking ‘What can we agree on that will be really cool for the membership...ALL of the membership?’Without exception, every person at Fall Conference is dedicated to crushing it. There are long hours of hard work. Yeah we ski a bit, with a focus or specific topic to drill into, but the conversations and meetings never seem to stop, with after session works groups continuing to clarify and refine concepts. This is where the bulk of our national projects see life, gain definition and end up being finalized. This group gets stuff done!”

Charlie Austin, Central Division: “It was an amazing experience. I got to hang out with my heroes, and everyone was so collaborative. I expect the Learning Outcomes we were developing will add a ton of value to our membership in terms of clarity and transparency.”

Jill Imsand Chumbley: “Fall Conference has always been a great opportunity to create more collaboration inter-divisionally while gaining insight and new ideas. But this year’s topic of Learning Outcomes is going to take our association to a whole new level of consistency and collaboration! I’m already excited about the opportunities this is going to give us all in the future.”

Stacey Gerrish, Children’s Task Force, Rocky Mountain Division: The Conference is a think tank opportunity for the Children’s Task Force. On snow, we bonded over our passion for snowsports and children's education. We were successful in establishing a few Learning Outcomes for the CS1 related to Teaching Fundamentals. Getting the Children’s Task Force together annually creates a more impactful and consistent CS program across the country. Being together with all divisions reconnects us to our core values as children’s educators.

- Peter Kray  

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  • Fall Conference Focuses on Collaboration, Consistency to Create New Opportunities


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