Member Spotlight: Intermountain Division's Greg Short

Welcome to the Member Spotlight, which gives well-deserved shine to some of the incredibly skillful and devoted ski and snowboard instructors who make up PSIA-AASI. Whether instruction is a full-time career or a part-time pursuit balanced with other endeavors, PSIA-AASI members have valuable insights to share, gleaned from their experiences on snow.


Enjoy getting to know your colleagues from far and wide who share your passion for teaching skiing and riding! (And fill out this questionnaire for the chance to share YOUR story and insights in Member Spotlight.) 

Name: Greg Short

Age: 62

Primary discipline: Alpine

PSIA-AASI Division: Intermountain

You, Your Gear, and Your Favorites

When did you start skiing or riding? When I was 18 years old, on college winter break 

What are your favorite off-snow hobbies? Hiking 

PSIA-AASI and Your Snowsports Education Career

Certifications & specialties achieved: Alpine Level III, Telemark Level III, Snowboard Level II, CSIA Alpine Level II, Avy II


Resort you work at: Snowbird, Utah 


What inspired you to become an instructor? Just wanted to share the love of the mountains and the freedom of moving on snow.


Do you teach part-time or fulltime? Part-time

What is you biggest accomplishment as an instructor? Starting the Expedition Team for kids at Snowbird. This program blends tactical instruction and avalanche and snow safety awareness while exploring the full mountain. We have electives and guest pro coaches as well as folks from the Utah Avalanche Center doing presentations.


What’s your favorite PSIA-AASI member benefit? Educational opportunities 


Who is your favorite PSIA-AASI Official Supplier – and why? Nordica; I’ve been in their boots and skis for the last 10 years or so.


What are your current skiing or riding goals? For skiing, it would be achieving the Children’s Specialist designations. With riding, Level III is still out there in the distance. I also need to take my Avy Pro Bridge ourse.


What are your current teaching goals? Learn and get better. I am still amazed at what these kids can teach me. 

Your Advice to Instructors

What’s the best piece of advice you could offer a new instructor? Look, listen, ask questions, and never let a teaching/learning opportunity escape.


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  • Member Spotlight: Intermountain Division's Greg Short


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