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PSIA-AASI National Academy 2018 in Big Sky, Montana, set a new record of more than 400 attendees, coaches, and staff at the event, and an 128-inch base on the upper mountain, and an 85-inch base on the mid-part of the hill.


After Academy ended, PSIA-AASI Director of Education Dave Schuiling said that, “With the encouragement of a ‘one team’ inter-discipline concept anchored through the work of the 2012-16 team presenting The Learning Connection at the 2015 Interski in Ushuaia, this academy solidified the concept of one team even more.” 


Watch videos from the top general session presentations at NA18 on The Matrix, your go-to digital resource for high quality content to help improve your teaching and technique. Log in watch these insightful instructional overviews.


In this presentation, PSIA Alpine Team members Dave Lyon, Ryan Christofferson, and Stephen Helfenbein detail how the Alpine Fundamentals apply to ski racers, freestylers, and also big mountain skiers.


“The Skill of Guest Service,” presentation by Jeff Johnson, training director at Crystal Mountain Washington, highlights the many ways PSIA-AASI can complement technical teaching skills with great people skills.


Alpine Team member Matt Boyd presents an overview of the Learning Connection and former Alpine Team Coach Rob Sogard provides a preview of the new Core Concepts Manual, to be published this fall.


Snowboard Participation Stays Steady in 2017-2018
The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) released its preliminary Kottke National End of Season survey earlier this month at the NSAA Convention and Tradeshow in Marco Island, Florida. A final, comprehensive report will be completed this summer. Initial numbers show U.S. ski areas tallied an estimated 53.3 million skier and snowboarder visits during the 2017-18 season, which is down 2.8 percent from last season’s 54.8 million visits total.

Nationally, snowboarding’s proportion of total snowsports visits declined slightly this season, down to 25.5 percent from 26.8 percent in 2016/17. Snowboarding was down in most (but not all) regions and size groupings.


The Pacific Southwest has the highest rate of snowboarding participation of any region (35.1 percent of visits, up from 34.7 percent from 2016/17), followed by the Pacific Northwest (32.5 percent, down from 33.0 percent), Southeast (29.1 percent, down from 29.7 percent), and Midwest (28.4 percent, down from 29.7 percent) regions. More modest proportions of snowboarders were seen in the Northeast (22.4 percent, down from 24.3 percent) and Rocky Mountain (21.3 percent, down from 22.9 percent) regions.


By size, the smallest resorts continue to attract the highest proportion of snowboarders (29.4 percent, up from 29.0 percent), representing the only size group to experience an increase in this percentage. The share of visits from snowboarders decreases by size: 28.9 percent at smaller mid-sized areas, 26.8 percent at larger mid-sized resorts, and 24.2 percent at large resorts. 


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- Peter Kray

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  • Watch General Sessions from National Academy, Snowboarding Holds Steady + Renew Dues Online


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