PSIA-AASI Board Approves ‘Statement on Sustainability’

During the annual PSIA-AASI  Board of Directors Meeting in Denver last month, the board approved the association’s official Statement on Sustainability.” Read the entire statement below, then follow this link to the PSIA-AASI Facebook page to share how you work to create a sustainable lifestyle:

“PSIA-AASI recognizes that preserving a winter environment that sustains snow makes skiing and snowboarding possible for its 32,000+ members, official suppliers, and millions of students – which supports a vision of creating lifelong adventures through education.

PSIA-AASI’s sustainability policy focuses on communicating, through its publications, messages that educate and inform association members on why developing a sustainable professional and personal lifestyle can positively influence a snowy winter environment.

PSIA-AASI’s sustainability policy also embraces collaboration with other established snowsports associations to create programming that helps to educate and inform students about ways to preserve the winter environment.

A winter environment that sustains snow is crucial to the future of skiing and snowboarding, the profession of snowsports instruction, and, ultimately, a way of life. By working within its sphere of influence to provide suggestions for a sustainable future for the environment and for snowsports, PSIA-AASI will do its part to protect natural resources and have a positive impact on maintaining alpine snowpacks.”


A few of the ways the PSIA-AASI staff works toward creating a sustainable lifestyle include recycling, riding bikes to work, gardening, composting, and sharing used ski and snowboard equipment to help grow the sports. What are some of the things you do?

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  • PSIA-AASI Board Approves ‘Statement on Sustainability’


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