Geoff Krill: Why Adaptive Academy Matters

The 2018 PSIA-AASI Accessories Catalog will feature a special focus on the many regional and national events the association hosts each winter, and how they create bonds and lasting memories across the snow pro community. Here, PSIA-AASI Adaptive Team Coach Geoff Krill discusses why Adaptive Academy and the DSUSA Ski Spectacular are one of the annual highlights on his winter calendar.


Geoff Krill: PSIA-AASI Adaptive Academy and Ski Spectacular has been and always will be, for me, the cornerstone event for everything that adaptive skiing and riding is all about. It is the place where the community comes together from around the country and world to share what is always changing and progressing within the development of our sport.


No other event allows us to learn from the leaders and innovators of not only adaptive instruction, but from representatives from all disciplines of our National Team as well. The newest pieces of equipment are there, as are the designers whom answer questions, introduce concepts, and work with the end-users to help drive technological development to meet the needs of the wide variety of populations we serve. 


I think my favorite part of being a clinician and attendee at Adaptive Academy is the progressive nature of the clinics and the presenters. I have learned more from having this community together in one place than from any other educational event in my career. I missed one Academy about 15 years ago, and felt a disconnect that I will never let happen again. Let’s just say I was behind in the game after having missed out.


Adaptive Academy is much more than a variety of educational clinics and training opportunities, which are a one of the highlights. But the learn to ski and race development programs add real world, in your face implementation of everything you are learning in clinics. There are also hundreds of adaptive lessons of taking place all over the hill. You will see exactly what your clinicians are teaching and presenting while these students are sliding by your groups. You can see what works and what does not around every corner, and it is real—not conceptual.


I really can't talk about Adaptive Academy without focusing on those individuals we all have dedicated ourselves to teaching how to ski and ride. There is always a special group of individuals in attendance who have been injured in a tragic event or conflict around the world. They have included victims of land mines, victims of terrorism, victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing, victims of 9/11, victims of the Boston Marathon, and there are always United States Veterans along with our country’s allies, who are all ready to learn.


When you have the chance to talk, touch and impact the high profile tragedies of the world, it is humbling, saddening, and empowering; you realize what good there is in the world and the power of the human spirit that is brought back to life through something as simple as sliding on snow. It is life changing, and I can't imagine kicking off my season without being a part of all that this event is.


I also can’t talk about this event without mentioning what happens after the lift shuts down. I think “What happens in Breckenridge stays in Breckenridge,” was coined way before Vegas had a claim. Seriously, the casino nights, theme nights, and opening and closing banquets are not to be missed. To put it this way, my luggage last year had a Roman gladiator helmet and chest armor as part of my kit. Enough said!”


Learn more about PSIA-AASI Adaptive Academy, and all PSIA-AASI events, right here.

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  • Geoff Krill: Why Adaptive Academy Matters


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