Jeb Boyd, Josh Fogg, Ann Schorling Share Their “Summer Vacations”

Do snow pros ever really rest? Not if you talk to members of the PSIA-AASI National Team. Judging from recent interviews with AASI Snowboard Team members, it seems that as soon as instructors get off the slopes, they’re finding new ways to keep their mind and body busy until they can get back on snow again.


This week with PSIA-AASI Team Manager Jeb Boyd and PSIA Alpine Team members Josh Fogg and Ann Schorling share what they have been doing with their “summer vacations.”


Jeb Boyd:“I’m working hard and trying to play harder. I love summer as the variety of things to do seems to expand. A typical day starts with a morning waterski with Matt (Boyd) and my son Tucker. Then it’s off to work, where I put the hammer down. After that, it’s either a mountain bike or road ride. To break up the routine, we often do some teak surfing behind the boat or paddle boarding around the lake. When I do any of these activities, I focus on how lucky I am to be able to do these things, and also on how I interact with the equipment to maximize performance and efficiency -- much like what’s needed in skiing. I learn every day no matter what I’m doing, and it keeps me tuned in to achieving high performance activities year-round. Whether I’m crossing the wake at high speed, rolling down a technical pitch on my mountain bike, or trying to beat my last time on the road bike, it all has fantastic transfer value to becoming a better, stronger, and more efficient alpine skier.”


Ann Schorling:“I spent too much time indoors last year, so in May I moved into my truck and drove to Montana. Based there, I have been enjoying a professional mix of leadership consulting for the tech industry and guiding for Pangea River Rafting, the company owned and run by Nordic Team Coach David Lawrence and his wife, Brooke. On the strictly fun side, I am mountain biking as much as possible, and spent some time learning to surf in Indonesia. Taking time to learn new skills and to use my brain differently refreshes my creativity for the winter and builds up muscles I have neglected. It also generates tons of excitement to get back on skis, which thankfully, will happen in Argentina at the end of September.”


Josh Fogg:“I just returned from two weeks of sightseeing, hiking, horseback riding, and traveling in Iceland with my wife. Now we are back in Colorado for a few weeks hiking, fishing, and enjoying being home. We are enjoying spending some time together before she heads back to physical therapy school in St Louis. That’s when I start really turning my attention back to skiing. Later in August, I will spend two weeks in Chile skiing at Portillo, Valle Nevado, El Colorado, and La Parva, with some clients. When I return home, I will be back at work for the Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen, preparing pro training for the coming winter and finalizing project work for PSIA-RM.”

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  • Jeb Boyd, Josh Fogg, Ann Schorling Share Their “Summer Vacations”


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