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Leki Quantum Ski Pole with PSIA Logo

  • Product Number: 18271
  • Description: Do you have carbon fiber taste on an aluminum budget? We have a custom PSIA-logo pole for you too! Made of high-quality components, this model is durable, well balanced, and very lightweight for a classic aluminum pole. It features the PA Safety grip and strap, a system that allows the strap to release quickly when upward pressure is applied. Graphics are PSIA blue with the shield logo at the center of the pole.

    Leki Pole Sizing Chart

    User Height in Inches 60" 62-64" 66" 68-70" 72" 74" 76"
    Suggested Pole Length cm/in 105cm/42" 110cm/44" 115cm/46" 120cm/48" 125cm/50" 130cm/52" 135cm/54"
  • Subject: General
  • Category: Accessories
  • Member: $26.00