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Alpine Skiing Fundamentals Appendix

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  • Description: The appendix has been packaged as a supplement to the print edition of the manual. New purchases of the print edition – as of January 30, 2019 – will include the appendix. Those who purchased the print version of the Alpine Technical Manual before January 30, 2019, can get the printed appendix for free. (Due to system limitations, online sales must be charged $.01) through the online Accessories Catalog at Select US Mail shipping and have it shipped for only $5.00.

    APPENDIX ON ALPINE SKIING FUNDAMENTALS ADDED TO ALPINE TECHNICAL MANUAL PSIA’s Alpine Technical Manual now contains an appendix on the Alpine Skiing Fundamentals, which goes into depth about the fundamentals that will help you take your skiing – and your students’ – from good to great. PSIA’s Alpine Skiing Fundamentals are: • Control the relationship of the center of mass to the base of support to direct pressure along the length of the skis • Control pressure from ski to ski and direct pressure toward the outside ski • Control edge angles through a combination of inclination and angulation • Control the skis’ rotation with leg rotation, separate from the upper body, • Regulate the magnitude of pressure created through ski/snow interaction. The appendix explores the history of and need for the five Alpine Skiing Fundamentals, how they apply to the Skills Concept, and how the fundamentals influence alpine ski teaching. All new purchases of the digital edition include the appendix. If you purchased the digital edition of the Alpine Technical Manual before January 30, 2019, and access it through the Snow Pro Library app available for Apple, Android, and Kindle Fire users, simply download the updated manual through the app. If you access the manual on a PC through the Digital Manuals page at, the version is automatically updated.
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