Published On: November 5, 2018By 0.7 min read

Halley O’Brien and Chris Rogers of Snow Operating and the AASI teamed up to create a three-part video series to show new snowboarders what to expect on their first day riding. Share these videos with your new-hire instructors, your beginner riders, or that friend or family member you’ve been begging to try snowboarding this season.

The first video covers everything a new rider needs to know about gear, from how their boots should fit to their riding stance.


The second video covers the basic movements of snowboarding, including skating, gliding, and standing up.


The last video in the series introduces how to move up and down the mountain. You’ll find in tips on how to stop, slip, perform garlands, and how to use the chairlift.



Snow will be flying soon, use this video series to set up our new riders for success!