Published On: May 24, 2021By 1.5 min read

Suffice to say, this past year has been unlike any other and hopefully won’t be repeated.  The pandemic caused everyone to quarantine, severely limiting our ability to see friends and family.  There was a shortage of many of the essentials such as paper products and sanitizing agents.  Once things opened up a bit, we were all wearing masks, socially distancing and confined to small groups.  Resort services were cut back yet, at the same time, stressed.

The one thing that didn’t change in our organization was the Western Division Education Foundation. We gave out 39 scholarships, some of which were carry-overs from last season due to its abrupt ending. Our division’s National D-Team candidates were made to wait another year before being able to attend the tryouts, but the Foundation was still there for them.  Speaking of which, the Foundation was actually able to increase its funding support of our candidates because of our amazing and generous donors.

The number of donors is down approximately 70% from last year but surprisingly, the amount of money donated is very close to what the Foundation received last year. Two other interesting statistics include the fact that the Foundation has received more $100.00 plus donations than last season.  Additionally, the number of $5.00 donations are less than 5 percent of last year.  This is attributed to cancelled events where participants often added $5 to $10 to their registration fees.

Thank you again for making the season better than we could have hoped for given the situation, not only for the Education Foundation but for the resorts we all work.  Our industry is full of industrious, hardworking, talented, and generous people!

-The Education Foundation Board of Directors

Blaine Lomen, Dave Sutherland, Jaime Tanner, Julie Brown, Stephen Auer