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We know that with so many great organizations out there, that deciding which ones to support can be overwhelming. We are grateful to all who have chosen to donate to the Education Foundation, and could not do this without each and every one of you.

Often the Education Foundation receives letters from our donors sharing why they feel supporting the Education Foundation is important in their lives. PSIA-AASI W Member, Brent Guier, recently shared why PSIA-AASI is important to him and why he enjoys giving to PSIA-AASI W Education Foundation.

“Looking back, I fell in love with the sport in 1977/78 when I got a chance to teach. Prior to that time, I really loved skiing but teaching took my enjoyment level to a new high. I was an instructor over the years at a couple resorts in California and Washington.  As I began working as a Deputy Health Officer in three different counties, my life got busier and I found it hard to commit to instructing skiing. One thing that has always stuck out is the comradery with (and like-mindedness of) the instructors who wanting to give a great skier experience to those from beginner to advanced was awesome. Seeing the smiles on students faces when they break through to the next level of learning or just enjoying the experience for what it is … amazing!

When I began I did not have a training system like PSIA-AASI has developed today. So, roughly 2.5 years ago, when I was planning my early retirement, I discovered PSIA- AASI W.  Then “BAM”, just like that I got excited about learning as much as I could in order to teach when I retired. Then Covid hit and I totally got hooked on the awesome education on the PSIA-AASI website. Courses like:

  • Progressions and Fundamentals for More Effective Teaching
  • Introduction to Working with Children
  • Children’s Specialist 1 Knowledge Review
  • The Alpine Skiing Fundamentals
  • Alpine Movement Analysis
  • Delivering the Beginner Experience – Alpine
  • ACL Strong
  • Alpine Level I E-Learning
  • Western Children’s Specialist 2 Workbook
  • Course for New Instructors

On top of the incredible teaching in the materials on the PSIA-AASI site, the improvement in my own skiing was exciting. I had a friend video my skiing and then proceeded to use the movement analysis process and skills concept, from the Alpine Movement Analysis training, on myself! I then proceeded to correct a bad habit that I had developed and WOW, my turns are so smooth now that I feel like I am having an out of body experience.

So, what it all boils down to is that I really feel strongly about helping others in the organization that can get some financial help in education, dues, or whatever is needed at the time to advance their ability and bring happiness to others through the joy of skiing.”