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The Western Region of PSIA-AASI is proud to be celebrating its 75th Anniversary.  As we take stock of our accomplishments over the decades, it’s clear that we have amassed mountains of important and relevant artifacts that tell a story unique to the West.  While we focus on how we create another successful 75 years, we see the need, and the opportunity, to mark this milestone with the creation of a regional archive to hold our history in perpetuity.

In Fall 2022, the California Ski Library ( marked its 18th anniversary. The collection is a culmination of more than 50 years of collecting ski books, magazines, ephemera and other memorabilia by Founder and Director Ingrid P. Wicken. In addition to items personally collected by Wicken, the Ski Library has received a number of historically rare and valuable archives from ski journalists, photographers, and pioneer skiers throughout California.

Receiving the Far West Ski Association Snowsports Builder Award in 2018 for their indelible impact on the sport, The California Ski Library is noted in the International Skiing History Association’s 2020 “Ski Museums of the World” guidebook as “One of the finest ski libraries in the USA.” According to Thor Gotaas, Norway’s national ski historian, the nonprofit California Ski Library is the largest private ski library and archive in the world.

In conjunction with both entities celebrating important historical milestones, the California Ski Library and the Western Region of the Professional Ski Instructors of America are proud to announce the launch of an official western repository of PSIA-AASI historical memorabilia and archives. This partnership provides an avenue for what promises to be the most important historical artifacts telling the story of ski instruction in the state of California, assuring that PSIA-AASI W and its members have a permanent home for their archives, helping to preserve the history of 75 years of snowsports instruction in the West.

Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming museum exhibitions featuring PSIA-AASI archives and scholarly publications on the history of ski instruction in California.


Books, magazines, publications, photographs, film, manuals, training materials, exam forms, assessment forms, gear, equipment, lift tickets, journals, notebooks, stickers, pins, patches, uniforms, clothing, flags, signs, banners, ephemera, memorabilia, and any other items that relate to snowsports and snowsports instruction.


  1. Bring your items to SPRING CONVENTION! Ingrid Wicken will be on hand for the entire event, sharing unique archival materials from the library and accepting donations in person for the PSIA-AASI W Archive.
  2. Download and fill out the attached DONATION FORM. Donations can be made directly to Ingrid at the Library or through the Western Region office.

For more information about the PSIA-AASI W Archives, or the California Ski Library, contact Ingrid at or 951-207-9218.

PSIA-AASI W Archive Donation Form

California Ski Library Flyer