How Wakeboarding and Surfing Can Complement Your Skills in Snowsports

In this PSIA-AASI National Team Workout story, PSIA Alpine Team member Katie White talks about how she uses her short offseason to wakeboard and surf to improve her visualization and overcome fear while also having a great time.

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Q: What’s your go-to offseason workout or outdoor sport, and why is it what you like to do?
A: My go-to nonskiing sports are wakeboarding (cable and boat), surfing, and wake surfing. My offseason is short as I spend my summers in Portillo, Chile, skiing! So between seasons, I try to soak up as much sun and water time as I can.

Q: Do you teach or compete in this sport, or has it led to any great adventures around the world?
A: In college, I competed on the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse’s waterski and wakeboard team and even made it to U.S. Nationals for wakeboarding, which helped me land a job teaching wakeboarding in San Diego. Now that I spend my summers in Portillo, I no longer teach wakeboarding, but continue to do it for my own enjoyment!

Q: How do wakeboarding and surfing help you set, train for, and reach new goals?
A: With wakeboarding, I always challenge myself to try a new trick every time I ride. It doesn’t necessarily mean I will land it, but the challenge for me is overcoming fear and the mental blocks I create in my mind. It has helped me learn to break bigger scary tricks down into smaller steps. I’ve also learned how to use visualization and breathwork to reach new goals. Finally, it’s helped me learn the importance of consistency and repetition to land a new trick.

Surfing has helped me learn the importance of mental strength and toughness, specifically when paddling out is tiresome and scary. Occasionally I’ve been paddling out to surf in bigger waves than expected and had to really push myself to continue moving forward. When approaching a big wave, I’ve learned the importance of positive self-talk and being able to push through challenging times when moving. The same goes for dropping in on a wave that’s a little bigger than I feel comfortable on. Visualizing, staying mentally present, and positive self-talk go a LONG, LONG way.

Q: Do you have any other fun summer plans or good offseason reading suggestions you’d like to share?
A: I am heading to Portillo, Chile, where I’m looking forward to another season skiing in the Southern Hemisphere. However, before I trade in my board for skis, I’m hoping to get two to three more wakeboard sets in.