About PSIA-AASI Members

  • Did you know that more than 32,000 people across the country belong to the Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI)?
  • PSIA-AASI is the world’s largest organization that helps teach its members about the best ways they can teach other people to learn how to ski and snowboard.
  • PSIA-AASI’s members undergo rigorous training, take clinics, exams and pursue professional development and/or certification.
  • The amount of information PSIA-AASI’s snow pros know about how to teach you, and your friends and family, to ski and snowboard is immense!
  • Being a PSIA-AASI member and/or certified helps them provide the best experience to you so you can develop your skills.

Why Go With a Pro?

  • If they weren’t trained, would you really want a friend or family member to teach you how to skydive or to do your taxes?
  • If your answer is “no”, then why would you want them to teach you to ski or snowboard?
  • Be cautious when friends or family members say it's easy to learn.
  • They might take you up the chairlift to the top of the mountain for your first run down the mountain.
  • You might be told to just simply turn left and then right and then leave you at the top while you’re still wondering how to simply turn left and right.
  • You may not like getting down from the top on your own for your first run.
  • Remember, the best way to get down the mountain is by going with a pro.