PSIA Certified Level II
Cross-Country Movement Analysis & Technical Understanding
Assessment Form
Level II
Meets Standards
Does Not Meet Standards
Assessment Scale for Certified Level II:
Essential elements were not observed or not present.

Essential elements are beginning to appear.

Essential elements appear, but not with consistency.

Essential elements appear regularly at a satisfactory level.

Essential elements appear frequently, above required level.

Essential elements appear continuously, at a superior level.
Assessment Criteria
Instructor Decisions & Behavior
Did Not Attain
Professionalism and Self Management: Contributes to a professional environment by managing their behaviors and emotions in response to others. (Continual Assessment)
Address group and individual needs for belonging.
Behavior Management
Manage behavioral responses.
Section Average: Must be 4 or above to meet Learning Outcome
Movement Analysis
Did Not Attain
Accurately describes cause-and-effect relationships between body and ski performance and provides a relevant prescription for change for beginning and intermediate skiers.
Describe a skier's performance, using any two aspects of the XC Performance Pyramid and all skills in the XC Technical Model.
Describe the cause-and-effect relationship between the skier's performance and the skis' performance, using two aspects of the cross country Sports Performance Pyramid in all XC skills.
Provide a relevant prescription for change, using two aspects of the Cross Country Performance Pyramid and all XC skills to create a change in desired outcome through the intermediate level.
Equipment & Wax
Observe and describe how equipment choices affect performance and safety for intermediate skiers.
Section Average: Must be 4 or above to meet Learning Outcome
Technical Understanding
Did Not Attain
Uses current PSIA XC resources to evaluate a skier's performance, considering equipment in the intermediate skill level.
Describe Personal Skiing
Accurately identify and describe personal skier performance, referencing at least two aspects of the cross country Sports Performance Pyramid and all skills of the XC Technical Model.
Describe Ideal Skiing
Compare personal and/or an observed performance to desired outcome, referencing the XC Technical Model.
Change Personal Performance
Convey understanding by changing personal skiing performance, based on comparison to desired performance and feedback.
Utilize Information
Accurately recognize and use information from current PSIA-AASI resources relative to personal performance or desired outcomes.
Section Average: Must be 4 or above to meet Learning Outcome
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