PSIA Certified Level III
Cross-Country Teaching
Assessment Form
Level III
Meets Standards
Does Not Meet Standards
Assessment Scale for Certified Level III:
Essential elements were not observed or not present.

Essential elements are beginning to appear.

Essential elements appear, but not with consistency.

Essential elements appear regularly at a satisfactory level.

Essential elements appear frequently, above required level.

Essential elements appear continuously, at a superior level.
Assessment Criteria
Instructor Decisions & Behavior
Did Not Attain
Professionalism and Self Management: Promotes a professional environment by adapting behaviors to positively affect others. (Continual Assessment)
Address group and individual needs for esteem.
Behavior Management
Adapts behaviors for positive group and individual interaction.
Section Average: Must be 4 or above to meet Learning Outcome
People Skills
Did Not Attain
Communication: Engages in and adapts verbal and non-verbal, two-way communication with all individuals. (Assessed when Teaching)
Customize verbal and non-verbal communication to match or influence individuals.
Active Listening
Use varied, active-listening tactics to personalize the experience.
Actionable Feedback
Deliver actionable feedback that supports the emotions of the individuals in the group.
Section Average: Must be 4 or above to meet Learning Outcome
Relationships with Others: Manages the unique motivations and emotions of each individual and to the interpersonal dynamics of a group, to develop trust. (Assessed when Teaching)
Manage the group dynamic to positively influence individual experiences.
Support and manage the motivations and emotions of all.
Section Average: Must be 4 or above to meet Learning Outcome
Teaching Skills
Did Not Attain
Assess & Plan: Plans learning outcomes and creates individualized experiences around a common theme for advanced students.
Continually assess student motivations, performance, and understanding.
Collaborate with students to establish and adapt a lesson plan with a common theme, a clear direction, and individualized focus throughout the lesson.
Plan Lesson
Plan creative, playful, and exploratory learning experiences in which movement, practice time, and terrain are optimized for individuals.
Section Average: Must be 4 or above to meet Learning Outcome
Implement: Individualizes learning experiences to guide students toward agreed-upon outcomes and optimizes student engagement in the process.
Customize and pace learning activities to allow students to explore and/or play toward desired outcomes.
Tailor the learning environment to align with the needs of individuals.
Descriptions, Demonstrations, Feedback
Provide clear and relevant information (descriptions, demonstrations, and feedback) that encourages individualized learning.
Physical Risk
Proactively manage physical risk to promote engagement in the learning environment.
Emotional Risk
Manage levels of emotional risk to optimize individual engagement in the learning environment.
Section Average: Must be 4 or above to meet Learning Outcome
Reflect/Review: Fosters the ability to recognize, reflect upon, and assess experiences to enhance understanding and apply what was learned.
Describe Change
Encourage the students to communicate change in performance and/or understanding.
Relate Change
Collaborate with students to apply gained skills to skiing situations.
Section Average: Must be 4 or above to meet Learning Outcome
This assessment form was last updated on February 4, 2022.