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CEN - Snowboard Children's Specialist 1 - Boyne Highlands, MI - March 2-3,2019

Sat, Mar 2, 2019

thru Sun, Mar 3, 2019

Boyne Highlands Resort, Harbor Springs, MI

For Snowboard specific Children's events Please follow the copy the link below for information on Snowboard Specific Movements.


"**The Children's Specialist 1 Workbook must be completed prior to registering for the event.

What: This assessment‐based certificate course is offered to PSIA/AASI certified instructors. The course will help you understand how children; think, feel about themselves, interact with others, and move as they grow and develop. You will see how this understanding can be creatively applied to Beginner/Novice into Intermediate Zone lessons. You will have the opportunity to share your knowledge with the group and compare it to the CS National Standard

Why: Be “that guy/gal”. You know the one. The instructor having fun with a bunch of laughing kids around them while providing a truly inspired safe, fun and educational experience. In this course, you will learn the skills that instructor possesses so you too can be recognized for your education, experience, and expertise in teaching children snow sports.

How: Participants will need a copy of the Children’s Instruction Manual, 2nd Edition, and watch Playful Teaching to complete the Workbook. The workbook must be completed prior*** to registering for the event . The course is designed around the concepts and knowledge gained by doing the workbook and will be reviewed and practiced, during the first part of the event. Each participant will apply this knowledge including current children’s snow sports trends to a PSIA-AASI-C Child Development Level(s) in the second part of the event. Participants’ achievement will be relayed via verbal and written feedback from the clinician throughout the course and at its end. "

Cancellation Policy

It’s rare that we cancel an entire event unless the resort/area is closed, but we often find it necessary to cancel or combine sessions at an event because the session minimum has not been met. When this happens, we will contact you as early as possible and offer other session options at the same event or transfer you to another event. Cancellation and transfer fees do not apply under these circumstances. If we cancel a session you are registered for, and it is not possible for you to attend another event by the end of the season, your registration fee sub any administrative fees will be refunded. If you are in need of education credits for this season then all possible pathways must be exhausted before a waiver is granted. (Webinars, Non ASEA Events, etc.) "


Boyne Highlands Resort
600 Highlands Road
Harbor Springs, MI 49740
(231) 526-3000
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