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¦¦¦Freestyle Specialist 2

Dates: Tuesday, March 14, 2023 - Wednesday, March 15, 2023 from 8:45 am - 4 pm ET (2 Days)
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Event Type: Certificate Assessment

Location: Killington (VT) (Plan to meet your group on snow at the starting time listed above, at the base of the snowshed quad. If we are notified of any change, we will email and/or text updated information to you. - Outdoor Registration)

Host Division: Eastern

Registration Information:
- First Chair Rate: $220.00 (available through Monday, February 20)
- Last Chair Rate: $245.00
- CEUs: 12

Prerequisites: Current PSIA-AASI Membership, Freestyle Specialist E-Learning Course for Snowboard or Alpine Track (links are in Course Description) , Minimum Level 2 Certification + must be able to ski or ride at current certification level. Or, have successfully completely FS1.

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, March 7, 2023, 11:59 pm ET

Online Registration: CLOSED

Course Description:

Freestyle Specialist 2 is the mid-level freestyle education course for PSIA-AASI, and includes an evaluation component. The course includes skiing/riding and teaching scenarios and technical discussions regarding how individuals learn and progress to intermediate zones. Participants will integrate their technical understanding of the ATML model and Smart Style with movement analysis and teaching activities for freestyle in the intermediate zones. Please reference the PSIA-AASI Freestyle Specialist National Standards for required proficiency levels and park feature sizes.

The Freestyle Specialist E-Learning Course must be completed prior to registering for your on-snow event. This E-Learning Course is offered in a Snowboard or Skiing track, costs $20 and offers 1 CEU credit upon completion. You can access the course here:

Freestyle Specialist 2 information is available on the Eastern website at

Additional Event Details:


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