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The Bear Valley Adventure Company (BVAC) has a 40-year history of providing recreation opportunities to the visitors of Bear Valley. The main offerings include a fully equipped nordic ski center, an outdoor retail store, an outlet for kayak and bike rentals, food service and a gas station. Now, community-owned by the Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative, the business is seeking a seasoned general manager to guide and help grow the business. We seek someone with experience in entrepreneurial ventures with detailed attention to long term planning and short-term execution of business goals. The ideal candidate will have significant experience in the nordic ski and mountain bike industries.

Job requirements include:

Leader and strategist who can steer according to the vision and mission statement while fulfilling the long-term goals for the business in addition to managing the team day-to-day.

Attend monthly BVAC board meetings to coordinate long term goals from the board level to the operational level with managing team. Communicate operational achievements to the board.

Attend quarterly Bear Valley Mountain Cooperative meetings to report on BVAC operations and financial position. Oversee the fulfillment of obligations, benefits and communications to co-op members.

Facilitate weekly meetings with key staff at BVAC to orchestrate projects, plan, delegate and review operations for their continued success or changes.

Participate in planning meetings with staff and board to explore new directions and seasonal services, products and culture that will allow BVAC to meet its mission while achieving fiscal stability.

In partnership with the CFO, calculate 5 year and annual budgets for operations and projectdevelopment. Review the monthly financial reports to determine fiscal health.

Leverage the financial information to set revenue goals for each season, increase expense efficiency and stabilize the seasonal cash flow.

Seek, develop, review, sign and fulfill contracts with partners for services including insurance, snow removal, fuel distribution and meadow maintenance.

Apply for, sign and adhere to permits with public agencies such as the US Forest Service, county planning department and fuel regulators to ensure compliance.

Develop strong relationships with other Bear Valley businesses and leaders, including the Business Association and Trails Stewardship, to seek opportunities for the BVAC and to help the community at large.

 Attend recreation association meetings and conferences to be informed and aware of

changes in the sports. Represent BVAC as a member of Professional Ski Instructors of America, Cross Country Ski Area Association, Ski California and California Mountain Bike Coalition.

Interact with staff to gauge workplace satisfaction and efficiency. Be accessible to employees for discussions about schedule, responsibilities, compensation, new ideas and customer reviews. Hire, supervise, motivate, mentor, discipline and terminate subordinate staff. Readily stand in for any operational duty during any season.

Informed and confident to ensure compliance with state and federal employment practice laws and regulations; state and local public accommodation (including but not limited to ADA and civil rights) laws and regulations; state and federal environmental laws and regulations.

Demonstrate enthusiasm for and regularly participate in outdoor adventures, especially nordic skiing and cycling.

Obligations and Compensation: This is a year-round full-time position based in Bear Valley, CA. The GM must be available during weekends and holidays for the busiest days each season. Annual salary of $60,000. Transitional housing is available.

A complimentary season pass to the downhill ski area, Bear Valley Resort, is included.

To apply, please submit a letter of introduction and resume to the BVAC board at .

Job Title : CEO and General Manager
Location : Bear Valley, CA
Salary: Annual salary of $60,000
Job Description : See Above
Experience Required : See above
Contact Information : To apply, please submit a letter of introduction and resume to the BVAC board at .

To apply for this job email your details to