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Competition Services Lead

Share your passion! The Competition Services Team is looking for a leader who will share contagious enthusiasm for the sport and be able to ignite that passion in both guests and employees. The Competition Services Team Lead is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of racing which includes safety setup, managing practices, and competition events at the resort, while leading, supervising and developing a crew with a strong dedication to guest service. Build your team. Build your venue. Build your career.


  • Work closely and effectively communicate with the Resorts Operations Manager, Mountain Operations Manager, and Ski and Snowboard School Manager, to manage race venues to the end of season
  • Supervise, train, coach and assist Leads and Entry-Level Competition Services staff in the performance of all duties for day and night operations
  • Work with comp services admin to ensure accurate lane space allocation
  • Oversee the Midwest Race League Program and serve as Afton’s primary liaison between outside high school and private teams
  • Responsible for hiring, training, developing, scheduling, reviewing, and disciplinary action/termination for all Competition Services team members
  • Responsible for the execution of all Competition events.
  • Participate in Vail Resorts Competition Best Practice groups, Senior Leadership Team meetings, and resort/company special events
  • Manage operational budgets, payroll, and employee schedules
  • Responsible for knowledge of OSHA regulations and training those expectations to the team
  • Execute the Midwest Race League and all operations that belong to this program


  • Enhance the guest experience through the responsibility of producing a high quality race experience
  • Execute daily operations by opening and/or closing all race venues, including filling front-line employee positions as necessary, especially during non-peak periods
  • Maintain and repair related equipment to job
  • Manage a race training/competition schedule with all users
  • Provide superior service to our customers (internal and external) at all times. Interact with the guests and respond to all guests in a courteous, efficient manner
  • Provide a safe, clean and professional quality race experience to guests, staff, and purveyors of all ages and skiing/riding abilities
  • Responsible for maintenance and safety of all race related materials. Identify and take action to resolve any hazards, obstacles for guest and employee safety.
  • Assist Ski Patrol with injuries and ensure compliance with all risk management, health and safety protocols
  • Other duties as assigned


  • 5 – 7 years previous ski race experience – Required
  • 3 – 5 years previous experience managing staff at a supervisory level – Required
  • Must either snowboard or ski with advanced ability as determined by management. Skiing/Riding
  • Must be willing to work evenings, holidays and weekends – Required
  • Current, valid Driver’s License – Required
  • Must be at least 18 years of age – Required
  • Flexible schedule required during peak times throughout the year. Must be willing to work evenings, holidays and weekends – Required.
  • Ability to manage time, deliver expectations and to thrive in a high-stress, rapid-changing environment
  • Strong organization, interpersonal skills and proficient Microsoft Office skills
  • Professionalism and strong guest service skills, attention to detail and timeliness
  • Ability to work well with others while maintaining a positive attitude
  • Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written form (in English) including communicating on the mountain radio
  • High School graduation or equivalent – Preferred


  • Ability to be outside in potentially inclement weather for up to 8 hrs
  • Ability to shovel, rake, drill snow surfaces
  • Weight Lifted: 26-50lbs
  • Lifting, Standing, Walking, Climbing/Balance Frequency: 2/3 of the time
  • Sitting, Reaching, Stooping, Kneeling, Crouching, Crawling Frequency: 1/3

COMPETENCIES: These are the attributes and behaviors that Vail Resorts and Afton Alps uses to measure an individual employee’s overall effectiveness in role.

  • Serve Others: Own It. Personalize It. Elevate It.
    Identifies and take ownership of opportunities to assist the customer; listens and responds to customer needs to personalize the experience; is committed to elevating the customer experience; communicates clearly and effectively; is flexible to adjust plans to meet customers’ changing needs; collaborates with team members and peers; exhibits a service attitude that is engaging with customers.
  • Do Right: Act with Integrity – always do the right thing, knowing it leads to the right outcome. Follows through on commitments; is honest and trustworthy; understands and complies with company policies and procedures; considers stakeholder interests in decision making; takes ownership of actions and decisions; receptive and responsive to others’ feedback; identifies and communicates ethical concerns.
  • Drive Value: Grow profit through smart and innovative business practices. Is a positive advocate for the company; is aware of the impact of decisions and actions on company profitability; works efficiently; completes tasks accurately and manages time well; strives for continual improvement and growth; is open to and suggests new ideas; uses company resources appropriately; demonstrates financial discipline.
  • Do Good: Preserve our natural environment and contribute to the success of our local communities. Has an awareness of the company’s Epic Promise program; considers the environmental and community impact of decisions and actions; takes actions in support of the company’s environmental initiatives; understands the company’s connection with our local communities.
  • Be Safe: Be committed to the safety and wellness of our employees and Guests. Promotes a culture of health and safety; takes personal accountability for the safety of self and others; understands and communicates safety procedures and expectations; utilizes all relevant safety resources; identifies and appropriately reports risk.
  • Have Fun: Fun is our product – create fun, enjoy your work and share the contagious spirit. Shares enthusiasm for our products and services; is able to overcome challenges while maintaining a positive attitude; inspires others and integrates fun into the work environment; is approachable and welcoming to customers; promotes an engaging, inclusive atmosphere.

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