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Ski & Ride School Coordinator

Position Summary: The Ski School Line-Up Coordinator is responsible for organizing and executing the daily line-up for Monarch Mountain’s Ski & Ride School. The essential functions of this position include:

  1. Be an effective employee within the guidelines of department and company policies, procedures and values, in fulfillment of Monarch’s mission statement to “provide our guests with a quality, personalized mountain experience.”
  2. Work in conjunction with other employees and departments as part of the Monarch team.
  3. Assist the Ski and Ride School Management team in the development, scheduling, and documentation of training content.
  4. Help construct a safe and fun learning environment, from hill set-up to end of day duties.
  5. Facilitate guest-instructor introductions; help with line-up, rotation, splits and assisting a lesson as needed.
  6. Monitor other instructors and provide feedback to the Ski and Ride School management team.
  7. Assist in coordinating apprentice instructor program, assigning their daily tasks, and overseeing time management.
  8. Assist in the development and implementation of all seasonal programs.
  9. Help control costs of labor and material for instructional programs.
  10. Assist in administrative duties related to all Ski and Ride School products as needed.
  11. Assist in administrative duties related to communication with program participants and parents.
  12. If qualified, operate motorized equipment to aid in snow removal and transportation of portable toilets.
  13. Interacts with parents and deals with issues concerning guests, employees and equipment, escalating as necessary.
  14. Coach guests in the tactics of skiing or snowboarding, providing them with a positive and quality experience that is “excellent, supportive and inclusive, while valuing them as individuals and inspiring passion for the snow sports we teach,” meeting their expectations as appropriate and within the realm of the PSIA/AASI teaching methodologies.
  15. Develop skiing/boarding and teaching skills throughout the season.
  16. Accept and relinquish custody of minors per prescribed procedures.
  17. Develop and maintain clientele through proactive service and sales efforts.
  18. Other duties as assigned.

Other Functions:

  1. Supervise student lunches.
  2. Assist in staging and prepping students in the Children’s Center.
  3. Perform snow removal as necessary.
  4. Assist in hill preparation (i.e…setting panels, signage…etc.).
  5. Operate surface lifts (in-house certification required)
  6. Mentor/coach peers as assigned.
  7. Assist in the maintenance of transitions between snow surfaces and entry areas at all entrances to the Lesson and Rental Center, Children’s Center, ski equipment shed and Employee locker room

Qualifications: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential function listed in this description satisfactorily, with or without a reasonable accommodation. The requirements listed below are representative of the abilities, education and physical demands required to perform the essential functions of this position.

Requirements Relating to Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  1. Must have a professional attitude, and the ability to speak clearly and pleasantly, and communicate in the English language.
  2. Ability to coach others in a positive, non-condescending manner, and make adjustments to guest needs.
  3. Aware of surroundings and the ability to identify and respond to situational needs.
  4. Proficient computer skills, to include Microsoft Office, SIRUSware, When I Work, basic e-mail functions.
  5. Must be able to take direction and follow procedures.

Requirements Related to Education, Certifications & Experience:

  1. Member of PSIA/AASI and certifications preferred.
  2. Skiing and/or snowboarding experience required.

Requirements Related to Working Conditions & Physical Demands:

  1. A background may be required.
  2. Requires the ability to work any day of the week, Saturday through Friday and holidays, as agreed upon with your supervisor.
  3. Requires working at high elevation (over 10,000’), and with extended exposure to adverse weather conditions, such as severe cold, heavy snowfall, strong winds and intense sun.
  4. Requires skiing or riding for long periods of time, on challenging or difficult terrain, and avoiding and recovering from a fall. Must be able to stop, turn, change directions suddenly, adapt to uneven, varying intermediate terrain, and move in both directions on skis or snowboard carrying up to 30 lbs.
  5. Must be able to ride an open air ski lift, 30-100 feet above the ground.
  6. Must have the strength, flexibility, endurance and aerobic conditioning to meet the demands posed by lifting, bending, kneeling, stretching, climbing stairs, shoveling snow, lowering and carrying equipment.
  7. Must own and maintain gear, including release settings, appropriate for teaching. Instructors must be on skis with a turning radius of 16 meters or less when teaching levels 1-3.
  8. Must have the strength and flexibility to, from time to time, assist a fallen guest off the snow.
  9. Must be at least 18 years of age.

Starting at $20.00 and up depending on experience

PSIA-AASI Level 1, CS1 Recommended

Contact information – (719)530-5197

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Deadline Dec 1

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