Entries for August 2012

  1. Top Technology Game-Changers

    Top Technology Game-Changers

    For the past few years, almost any conversation about how new technology is changing the way skiing and snowboarding are taught has focused on equipment—more specifically, rocker.
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  2. Mega Pass, Bulletproof Skis, MRG & More

    Mega Pass, Bulletproof Skis, MRG & More

    In the hopes of inspiring epic road trips across the Rockies and Sierras this winter, four of the country’s most high-profile ski areas partnered with the online discounted lift ticket service Liftopia.com to offer a unique joint ticket deal.


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  3. Getting Stoked: On the Edge of a New Season

    Getting Stoked: On the Edge of a New Season

    With all of the hard work that the 32 Degrees editorial department has been putting in on the upcoming fall issue, which highlights the new 2012–16 PSIA-AASI Teams, some great new teaching concepts, and a lot of cool new skis and snowboard, it's hard to keep from getting excited about the upcoming season.
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  4. Memories, Mentors and Inspiration

    Memories, Mentors and Inspiration

    No one has taught me more about skiing than my father—about the sensation of the cold on your face, how the soft snow stays longer on the sides of the run, and how the world goes spinning away beneath your feet as you start down the mountain, faster and faster until it feels as if you are walking on air.
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  5. Participation, Helmets, Olympians & Free Skiing

    Participation, Helmets, Olympians & Free Skiing

    SnowSports Industries America (SIA) released its comprehensive 2012 SIA Snow Sports Participation Report on July 27th, with the headline that 6.9 percent of the U.S. population participates in at least one snowsport discipline.
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