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  1. Meeting of the Minds—The YC Interconnect

    Meeting of the Minds—The YC Interconnect

    Most snow pros are aware of Interski, the international congress of ski and snowboard instruction held every four years at various locations around the globe. But what would happen if U.S. ski and snowboard schools convened annually to discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing the American snowsports scene right here at home?
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  2. Top Team Picks—Off-Snow Activities

    Top Team Picks—Off-Snow Activities

    With Snow Pros across the country gearing up to return to the mountains, we asked several PSIA-AASI Team members what their favorite off-snow activities are, especially as they try to fit in one last paddle or spin on the mountain bike.
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  3. Entry Level Instructor’s Guides Start the Season Early

    Entry Level Instructor’s Guides Start the Season Early

    A lot of new and potential ski and snowboard instructors are getting a head start on the winter, thanks to PSIA-AASI’s Entry Level Instructor’s Guides.
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  4. Plake Survives Avalanche, Mission Ridge Avoids Fire

    Plake Survives Avalanche, Mission Ridge Avoids Fire

    Rescuers called off a search today for six climbers still missing after a massive avalanche struck Base Camp Three on Mount Manaslu in Nepal. The slide killed at least nine climbers, according to Associated Press reports, and took American skier and PSIA member Glen Plake more than 300 meters down the mountain.
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  5. USSA's Investment in 'Good Skiing'

    USSA's Investment in 'Good Skiing'

    The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association has made several important investments in the last few years, from the Center of Excellence, its national training and education center in Park City, Utah, to the downhill training center in Copper Mountain, Colorado.
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  6. Top Team Picks—Ski Runs

    Top Team Picks—Ski Runs

    Yesterday we took a look at some of the AASI Snowboard Team’s favorite runs around the world, which included everything from well-known halfpipes to secret shots that won’t appear on any trail maps. Today, it’s the PSIA Alpine Team...
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  7. Top Team Picks—Snowboard Runs

    Top Team Picks—Snowboard Runs

    Dropping into powder-filled chutes, spinning out of the halfpipe, or just carving up spring corn in some sun-facing bowl are all part of the pleasures of snowboarding. But some runs just stand out a little bit more than others. Here are the AASI Sno...
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  8. Snow in CO! + Kauff to Head Sugarbush Ski & Ride

    Snow in CO! + Kauff to Head Sugarbush Ski & Ride

    Loveland Ski Area may still have nine days to wait before the area officially begins making snow, but that didn’t keep Mother Nature from getting a head start on the season. On Monday, September 17, several Colorado ski areas were reporting sn...
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  9. Climate Change + RIP Tom Sims

    Climate Change + RIP Tom Sims

    For those snow pros concerned about climate change, and the impact it may have on their livelihood, the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) recently released its 12th Sustainable Slopes Annual Report detailing the ski industry’s progress in i...
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  10. Top Team Picks—On-Mountain Restaurants

    Top Team Picks—On-Mountain Restaurants

    Would you fly all the way to South America for an on-mountain steak or bowl of soup? It seems like a couple members of the PSIA Alpine Team might consider it. Three of them named Tio Bob’s in Portillo, Chile as their favorite on-mountain restaurant.
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