85 PSIA-AASI Members Vie for a Spot on the 2016-2020 PSIA-AASI National Team

Round two of the 2016 PSIA-AASI National Team Selection process is complete and congratulations are in order for the dedicated, select group of ski and snowboard educators, and PSIA-AASI members who have been invited to the final on-snow interview in April, in Breckenridge, CO.

What is the PSIA-AASI Team and how are Team members chosen?

The PSIA-AASI Teams are formed every four years following a rigorous selection process that enables PSIA-AASI to select the nation’s best instructors to represent the association at the highest level. The outcome of the 2016 selection will be a team that embodies three attributes outlined by the Teams Taskforce:

  • Inspirational educators
  • Lifelong learners
  • Inspirational athletes

Currently, the PSIA-AASI Team comprises 30 men and women selected from among the best instructors in the country. They represent the full breadth of the ski and snowboard disciplines: adaptive, alpine, alpine freestyle, cross country, telemark, and snowboard. 

Once chosen, Team members are responsible for promoting, supporting, and assisting with the development of PSIA-AASI education programs and activities at all levels. They set the standard for U.S. snowsports instruction!

Since the round one application deadline of December 9, 2015, Coaches, administrative staff and divisional education leadership have been thoroughly reviewing all 106 application packets. Packets included a cover letter, instructional writing sample, and a five-minute video submission. Another critical component of the application was a division nomination endorsement that carried considerable weight in the final invitations to the on-snow event, which will be held April 17 – to April 21, immediately following National Academy 2016.

What's next in the selection process?

Yesterday, 85 aspiring team members received the invitation letter, stating:

“We are very pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to the PSIA-AASI 2016 Team Selection on-snow event. After extensively reviewing your application, we feel you possess many of the qualities that are vital to being a successful Team member.”

Moving into the on-snow event, all assessment scores from the applications will carry through the final Team decision to be announced on April 21, 2016. Extensive feedback on the scoring will be compiled and shared with every applicant.

Applicants who did not receive an invitation have already received their feedback on the application process. Everyone involved in this process should be congratulated on the monumental effort and commitment it takes to become an educational association leader.

The selection team applauds everyone for their efforts and dedication to PSIA-AASI, and for their commitment to professional ski and snowboard instruction.

- Dave Schuiling, PSIA-AASI Director of Education

The following is an alphabetical list of instructors who have been invited to the 2016 PSIA-AASI National Team Selection:

Name Discipline
Nicholas Alfieri Snowboard
Derek Althof Alpine
Gregory Andrews Snowboard
Jonathan Ballou Alpine
Robin Barnes Alpine
Ronnie Barr Snowboard
Weylin Barrett Alpine
Lacy Bartels Snowboard
Rachel Bauer Alpine
Tommie Bennett Snowboard
Grant Bishop Telemark
Paul Bowman Alpine
Matt Boyd Alpine
Ben Brosseau Alpine
Michael Browder XC
Daniel Brown Adaptive
Collin Bywaters Alpine
Frank Cartwright Alpine
Chris Caruso Alpine
Artie Castro Snowboard
Matt Charles Telemark
Ryan Christoffersen Freeski
Karen Dalury Telemark
Justin DeVita Snowboard
Gregory Dixon Telemark
Brian Donovan Snowboard
Dustin Dyar Alpine
Nathan Emerson Alpine
Zachary Ergish Adaptive
Heidi Ettlinger Alpine
Zeke Fashinbauer XC
Greg Fatigate Snowboard
Joshua Fogg Alpine
Amy Gan Snowboard
Nate Gardner Alpine
Angus Graham Alpine
Shannon Griffin Alpine
Chris Hargrave Snowboard
Stephen Helfenbein Alpine
Chuck Hewitt Snowboard
Tom Hickok Telemark
Jill Imsand Alpine
Brad Jacobson Alpine
Seth Johns Snowboard
Adam Johnson Telemark
Chris Jones Alpine
Kevin Jordan Alpine
Brenna Kelleher Alpine
Robin Kisiel Snowboard
Matt Larson Snowboard
Eric Lipton Alpine
Lea Logal Snowboard
Emily Lovett XC
Dave Lyon Alpine
Rick Lyons Alpine
Kevin Mabry Alpine
Tony Macri Snowboard
Kimberly Mann Alpine
Paul Mannelin Alpine
Mary Marshall Telemark
Brennan Metzler Snowboard
Christian Nation Telemark
David Oliver Alpine
David A. Oliver Freeski
Ben Potts Freeski
Amy Powell XC
Dan Ray Alpine
Greg Rhodes XC
Jeremy Riss Alpine
Ben Roberts Alpine
Keith Rodney Telemark
Chris Rogers Snowboard
Eric Rolls Snowboard
Ann Schorling Alpine
Jeb Scicluna Snowboard
Jim Shaw Telemark
Ron Shepard Alpine
Jennifer Simpson Alpine
Brian Smith Alpine
Joshua Spoelstra Adaptive
Clark Stewart Freeski
Joey Stoeger Alpine
Tim Stroh Telemark
Joshua Thompson-Bourrie Snowboard
Nelson Wingard Alpine


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  • 85 PSIA-AASI Members Vie for a Spot on the 2016-2020 PSIA-AASI National Team


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