What Does PSIA-AASI Mean to You?

Whether it’s helping others improve their skiing or snowboarding, working on your own technique, or finding a career that rewards you every day of the year, PSIA-AASI means something special to all of us.

Here’s what it means to several of the newest members of the PSIA-AASI Team. What does it mean to you? Please share your thoughts here! 

"A community, a pathway for growth, a structure for learning, a means to make sense of the best sports in the world, and the foundation of my career."
- PSIA Alpine Team Member Ann Schorling 

"PSIA-AASI is a community of like-minded ski and snowboard education enthusiasts (nerds) like me. It's the keys to understanding so much more about our sport, and getting to share that with millions of lesson-takers across the country. It's travel, adventure, excitement, friends, and a world of lifelong learning."
- AASI Snowboard Team Member Chris Rogers

"A lifestyle that I am very grateful for!"
- PSIA Telemark Team Member Grant Bishop

"A community full of people who share the same passion. It’s an amazing mix of people from different backgrounds who want to learn, share, and have fun!"
- AASI Snowboard Team Member Amy Gan

"It means being part of a community that is committed to being the best ski instructors they can be, respecting and supporting each other, and celebrating the amazing sports of skiing and riding!"
- PSIA Cross Country Team Member Emily Lovett

"To me the membership is about being part of a collection of educators and lifelong students. To be a true professional and not just a hobbyist. The opportunity and encouragement to look at and incorporate the latest in physical and psychological theories with snowsports. I also feel a sense of family with my peers, traveling to events and reconnecting with people that have seen you at some of your most vulnerable moments."
- PSIA Alpine Team Member Dustin Dyar

- Peter Kray

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  • What Does PSIA-AASI Mean to You?


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