Member Spotlight: Eastern Division's Ann Gaudino

Welcome to the Member Spotlight, an online feature on that gives well-deserved shine to some of the incredibly skillful and devoted ski and snowboard instructors who make up PSIA-AASI. Whether instruction is a full-time career or a part-time pursuit balanced with other endeavors, PSIA-AASI members have valuable insights to share, gleaned from their experiences on snow.


Enjoy getting to know your colleagues from far and wide who share your passion for teaching skiing and riding! (And fill out this questionnaire for the chance to share YOUR story and insights in Member Spotlight.)


Name: Ann Gaudino

Age: 49

Primary discipline: Alpine

PSIA-AASI Division: Eastern 

You, Your Gear, and Your Favorites

When did you start skiing or riding? When I was 9 years old


What is your best skiing or snowboarding memory? Teaching my son to ski.


What would you say to someone to encourage them to try skiing or snowboarding? Skiing is a lot of fun and great exercise. The scenery and views are beautiful and you will make lifelong friends.


What’s your favorite off-snow hobby? Swimming 

PSIA-AASI and Your Snowsports Education Career

Certifications & specialties achieved: Alpine Level I


Resort you work at: Hidden Valley, PA


What inspired you to become an instructor? I was looking for an activity that my son and I could do together. He had just turned 16 and we both tried out to be ski instructors and were accepted. It has been great to be a mom and work with my now adult son!


Do you teach part-time or fulltime? Part-time


What other profession(s) or endeavor(s) are you involved in? Associate professor at Millersville University


What about your teaching style stands out? I am able to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of many types of learners. Students say they can tell that I love to teach.


What is your favorite age group to teach, and why? I enjoy teaching middle-age women, especially beginners. They often want to learn to ski so that they can ski with their children. It is great, at the end of a lesson, to bring these moms together with their kids and ski a run together. They are so proud of themselves!


What is you biggest accomplishment as an instructor? Completing my Level I exam at 49 years old and after recovering from a bad knee injury.


What’s your favorite PSIA-AASI member benefit? I love the magazine. It is great to read about new methods of teaching and all the great things that other snow pros are doing.


What are your current skiing or riding goals? I am continuing to strengthen my knee after an injury. So, skiing more difficult terrain, with good technique.


What are your current teaching goals? I hope to teach more adult women skiers and inspire them to love our great sport. 

Your Advice to Instructors 

What’s the best piece of advice you could offer a new instructor? Focus on meeting the exact needs of your students whether those are physical, intellectual, social, or emotional.


What’s are some of your tips for teaching the following students…

Beginners: Break skills down step by step. Have them experience success at one skill before moving to the next one.


Intermediates:  Especially with adult women, reassure them that you will keep them safe. Take it slow. Let them lead.       


What advice do you have for instructors preparing for certification?

Level I: Use the PSIA materials. Practice the required skills. Have fun!


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  • Member Spotlight: Eastern Division's Ann Gaudino


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