Professional Development Update: Homework Isn’t Just for After a Clinic

Here’s another quick training tip for all you snow pros leading clinic groups out there: give your participants homework before you start your clinic.

The next time you're setting up a training session, don’t just ask yourself, “What are the specifics I want the attendees to know or be able to do after the clinic?” Take a moment and consider the resources already available that relate to the topic of the clinic, identify a couple of specific pieces, and have the attendees do some homework before the clinic. These could be articles, sections in a manual or handbook, or even a video.

For example, take a spin through the Movement Matrix and identify specific clips that introduce concepts, language, and even images related to your topic or specific clinic objectives. Having your trainees watch these clips before showing up allows you to go more in-depth on the topic and further anchor the learning of the participants.

This approach has tangible benefits. First, it gives the participant a head start on where your discussion and coaching will take them. Who doesn’t appreciate feeling like they have some insight into a topic as they are learning more about it?

Second, you might also spur more interaction throughout the clinic as the participants pose questions about what they saw and heard. This invites deeper exploration of the topic.

The third benefit in giving clinic participants some homework ahead of time is that you can go further into how to use and apply the information in their day-to-day teaching and sliding.

In-person clinics are more than great ways to deliver information. Give attendees a head start next time and see if you discover even more tangible results from your training.

Photo by Grant Nakamura

- PSIA-AASI Professional Development Manager Earl Saline

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  • Professional Development Update: Homework Isn’t Just for After a Clinic


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