NSAA Journal: It’s Not Your Momma’s Bunny Hill Anymore!

Over the years, ski and snowboard schools have experimented with different ways to help guest learn to ski and ride. Sculpting beginner terrain isn’t a new concept, but now areas are really taking it to the next level. Shaping the beginner area and utilizing a terrain-based teaching approach is gaining traction across the U.S., with schools seeing positive results in student success and conversion.

Terrain sculpting enhances the learning environment and experience by using counter-slopes, rollers, berms, and mini-pipes. The methods and concepts that PSIA-AASI promotes are meant to be adaptable to the terrain each area has to work with, whether an area utilizes a terrain-based or traditional approach. What’s cool about this approach is that the fundamental skiing and riding skills being taught remain the same, while the shaped snow helps anchor those skills through sliding.

Check out these articles from the latest NSAA Journal for more information about what areas are doing now. 

- PSIA-AASI Professional Development Manager Earl Saline

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  • NSAA Journal: It’s Not Your Momma’s Bunny Hill Anymore!


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