Want to Learn to Ski or Snowboard Before You Hit the Slopes?

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (Oct. 25, 2018) – It’s fun and easy to learn how to ski or snowboard. If learning has been on your to do list, a new Beginner’s Guide to Skiing and Snowboarding video series will show you what to expect and give you some simple tricks before you, your children, or friends head to slopes for the first time.  

The videos were developed by the Professional Ski Instructors of American and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors and SNOW Operating, two organizations dedicated to helping beginners learn and have fun, and are hosted by YouTube snowsports personality Halley O’Brien. The video series is broken out into skiing and snowboarding so a viewer can focus on their chosen sport, with three videos for each sport.

“Skiing and snowboarding are great activities someone can enjoy at any age.  We hope that this video series gives viewers a level of comfort and a leg up on their first days on the slopes,” said Hugh Reynolds, SNOW Operating vice president of marketing and sales.  We’ve packed them with lots of great practical tips and insights to help get anyone started on their lifetime journey to on-snow fun!”

The videos are led by two of the top PSIA-AASI instructors in the country. Eric Lipton shows you how to ski, and Chris Rogers shows you how to snowboard. Both have experience teaching across skill levels, from beginners who have never skied to experts. Lipton and Rogers cover skills such as how put on boots, turn and stop, and ride a chairlift.

Rogers said, “there are many easy tips to help anyone have a successful first day on the slopes. For example, you can learn how to properly put on your socks, how to carry your skis or snowboard, and how to get on and off a chairlift. Knowing the ins and outs of skiing and snowboarding will help you feel confident on your first day.”

“If you want some easy tips so you know what to expect, check out these YouTube videos,” said Nicholas Herrin, PSIA-AASI’s CEO. “You’ll learn a lot in a short amount of time when you’re at home, so you’re ready to go and have more time for fun when you make it to the snow!”

To watch the videos, visit:

Rogers explains the videos do not replace an on-snow lesson, but they do cover the basics so you know what to expect the first time you head to the resort.

About SNOW Operating
SNOW Operating offers ongoing training, support, and services to improve the guest experience at ski resorts and help resort partners improve their first-time conversion and retention rates. Their mission is to increase industry-wide conversion rates by working with inspired resort partners to design a highly efficient and fun-focused guest experience.  SNOW Operating has created successful programs including the Lean Six Sigma methodology and Terrain Based Learning. You can learn more at snowoperating.com.

About Halley O’Brien Productions
Halley O’Brien is the ski industry’s favorite storyteller. Halley’s wit, eye for the abstract and natural delivery keeps the audience tuned in and wanting more. Halley O’Brien Productions produces all of SNOW Operating’s digital video content and training collateral. Halley has also produced a number of videos for SNOW Operating partner resorts, highlighting Terrain Based Learning and other resort offerings.

PSIA-AASI is a nonprofit education association with a membership of more than 32,000 men and women dedicated to promoting snowsports through instruction. The association establishes certification standards for ski and snowboard instructors and develops education materials to be used as the core components of most ski and snowboard school training. The PSIA-AASI Team is a hand-selected team of 30 individuals that are the “best of the best” ski and snowboard instructors and help promote the organization’s educational programs. Learn more at thesnowpros.org or via PSIA-AASI’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages.  

Editor’s Note
For more information about the Beginner’s Guide to Skiing and Snowboarding video series, or to request an interview with Nicholas Herrin, Eric Lipton, Chris Rogers, or Hugh Reynolds, please contact Katrina Brinkerhoff at kbrinkerhoff@thesnowpros.org or 720.963.4825.

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  • Want to Learn to Ski or Snowboard Before You Hit the Slopes?


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