Team Training 2019, PT 2: New Resources + New Goals

The PSIA-AASI Team’s presentation of the Learning Connection Model (LCM) at Interski 2019 in Pamporovo, Bulgaria, and the national alignment of the LCM across divisions (see Monday’s news) are both significant achievements that the team and association will continue to build on in coming years.

But there are also several other tangible, immediately accessible resources members can access to up their education game, get fit for the season, and learn and share new skills.

In his annual presentation to the Team, PSIA-AASI Chief Executive Officer Nicholas Herrin pointed to the many E-Learning options, including the new Delivering the Beginner Experience—Cross Country, as an example. As well as the Fitness for Skiing and Snowboarding book and Adaptive Supplement, two new free-to-member manuals, and videos created in conjunction with REI and SKI Magazine, which will promote instruction to consumers, with greater reach than PSIA-AASI could ever achieve on its own.

“This is a never-ending organization,” Herrin said. “We are constantly looking at ways to create opportunities for members, for our snowsports schools, and for the general consumer. All of this programming is provided to help people see themselves in our sport, and as our next leaders for the future, because you never know who your next leaders are.”

PSIA Alpine Team Coach Michael Rogan echoed that sentiment, stating that even as this team worked with renowned sports psychologist Dr. Jim Taylor to establish mindset, visualization, and pre-performance routines, to share with members in clinics this season, there is also the sense they are setting a new foundation for the future.

“We have to prepare for the next group to take over where we leave off,” Rogan said. “We have the responsibility to step the stage for the next team’s success. Gone are team terms that stand on their own. We are at our best when we have long-term vision that perpetuates our educational and organizational ideas.”

AASI Snowboard Team Coach Scott Anfang said his team is also working hard to continue their own personal growth and development—something that remains a focus no matter what level your teaching and riding skills. They are also celebrating the time they have spent helping each other, and the association, progress and grow.

“We have three years of stories, work projects, and times on the road to reflect on those years, and we are feeling good about where we are,” Anfang said. “With this positive momentum, we will be focusing on what the freestyle task force and snowboard task force has been working on with the Penn State project (aligning Learning Outcomes), and how this affect the organization, divisions, membership, and exam process. We continue to look at and discuss what we did well, and where we can still do more.”

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  • Team Training 2019, PT 2: New Resources + New Goals


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