A-B-Skis Builds Excitement about Snowsports

Internationally-known illustrator and PSIA-AASI member Nathan Jarvis and former U.S. Olympic Ski Team member Libby Ludlow teamed up to create A-B-Skis, an educational children’s book that teaches both the alphabet and the joys of skiing.

When Ludlow become a first-time parent a couple of years ago, she began looking for children’s books about skiing to read to her son as he grew. “I just really craved something to share with my son but nothing on the market quite captured what I feel about skiing.”

Ludlow’s past experience as a writer prompted her to explore the possibility of writing her own book, so she signed up for a children’s book illustration course at the Kimball Art Center in Park City taught by Jarvis. The two eventually joined forces, created a Kickstarter campaign, and A-B-Skis was born.

“We want to share our passion for the sport,” said Ludlow. “For parents to be able to share their passion for skiing with their children, and to inspire their kids’ curiosity about what a magical experience it is.”

Jarvis said that the book has been carefully created to reflect the correct skiing fundamentals and safe behavior on the slopes. “It teaches about safety. It’s all about the whole mountain experience,” he said. “It talks about what to do before you get to the resort. What to do after you get to the resort. It talks about what you should do if you want to teach your children to ski or how to go about getting them into lessons. It covers everything.”

According to Ludlow and Jarvis, the book helps parents prepare their children for their first days on the slopes by setting realistic expectation. In addition, the book helps with what they describe as “beginner conversion” – getting new skiers to learn to love the sport and, in turn, to become life-long skiers.

One of the goals of the book is to help parents instill a spirit of resilience and self-confidence in their children, an important characteristic that will carry over into all aspects of their lives. “Skiing really teaches children about life and how to do hard things. On the hill, they learn important lessons about facing and overcoming challenges,” Ludlow explained.

What People are Saying About A-B-Skis

A-B-Skis will fire kids up to get outside and ski! This book educates kids on all the fun to be had with a positive attitude and a focus on the simple pleasures of skiing. I love how the book puts such meaning and fun words together from each letter and the drawings are bright, colorful and very detailed. I’m looking forward to sharing this with my kids and their friends.”
Daron Rahlves
Olympian and World Champion, Alpine Skiing

A-B-Skis is a great book for any ski family or aspiring ski family. This book will serve as a great way to have fun and valuable conversations with kids before, during, and after a fun day on the mountain. Libby and Nathan do a fantastic job of displaying safety, fun, and learning for young skiers. As a parent and professional instructor, I love the pro tips for parents too – absolutely brilliant!”
Eric Rolls
PSIA-AASI National Team member

A-B-Skis does a first-rate job of capturing the elements of fun, grit, friendship, and enthusiasm that are shared by all passionate skiers – athletes and enthusiasts, alike. “Do your best” and “Never give up” are at the heart of world-class excellence. I love that young skiers will get exposed to these important lessons at an early age.”
Tiger Shaw
Two-time Olympian
U.S. Ski & Snowboard President and Chief Executive Officer

“My girls, ages 4 and 6, love A-B-Skis. As soon as I close the book, they ask me to read it over again. A-B-Skis builds excitement about snowsports while reinforcing the value education by covering topics like safety and personal growth. It’s great to have a resource to help support the next generation of skiers. A-B-Skis shows kids that skiing is all about learning, building memories, developing independence, and having fun.”
Nicholas Herrin
PSIA-AASI Chief Executive Officer

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  • A-B-Skis Builds Excitement about Snowsports


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