Year in Review: The Top PSIA-AASI Stories of 2019

Wishing you all a wonderful, snowy finish to 2019, and a fresh start in 2020 as you prepare to reach your next personal and professional goals.


Here are the top snowsports instruction stories of the year. You can also read the top stories in adaptive instruction, free-heel instruction, snowboard instruction, and alpine instruction. Happy Holidays!

Jeb Boyd’s Top Takeaways from Interski 2019

Interski 2019 took place in in Pamporovo, Bulgaria in April. Here, Team Coach Jeb Boyd shares his perspective on the top takeaways the team wanted to emphasize to the international snowsports instruction community.

Takeaway 1: The diversity of PSIA-AASI’s Learning Connection captures what we believe to be the essence of a modern, successful, instructor. It helps answer questions concerning what actions and behaviors are needed to strengthen the three main points of the model (technical skills, teaching skills, and people skills). 

Takeaway 2: To create an enhanced learning experience, PSIA-AASI has retooled how we deliver content. Resources like podcasts, web news, e-learning, and the work we are doing with Penn State will allow us to provide better information to members, when and how they want it.

Takeaway 3: The PSIA-AASI National Team is comprised of great teachers and inspirational athletes. Best of all, with seven women on our team, we can effectively speak to fifty percent of our audience better and more realistically.


Watch videos from Interski 2019.

New Fitness for Skiing and Snowboarding Guide

The new Fitness for Skiing and Snowboarding guide is available for FREE to members as a digital edition and for sale as a print edition. Written by former PSIA Alpine Team member Chris Fellows and Resilient Performance System co-owner Douglas Kechijian, this guide offers a fitness training regimen that promotes improved movement and body longevity for snowsports instructors.

New Scholarships 

PSIA-AASI created three new scholarships to create more educational resources. The Small Snowsports School Scholarship gives schools across the country access to educational events and education leaders who provide experiences that may be career-changing. The Certification or Specialist Education Track Scholarship awards funds to pursue a certification or specialist education track. The Veteran Workforce and Education Track Scholarship awards active and non-active military members with an education opportunity as they pursue a career in the outdoor industry.

Introduction of Junior Instructor Certificate Program

PSIA-AASI is helping young adults start a career in snowsports by introducing active ski and snowboard enthusiasts to the new Junior Instructor Certificate Program. This course is for young adults (non-members) who sign up with their PSIA-AASI Member School. The cost of the course is $25. Learn more about setting up a program for your school.

First Chair Podcasts Hit Major Milestone

The First Chair Podcast hit a major milestone this fall, reaching 200,000 total listens, as PSIA-AASI members continue to tune in and listen to host George Thomas as he provides an entertaining and diverse range of instructional insight. You can listen to all First Chair episodes on iTunesSoundCloud, and Stitcher. Here are five to top podcasts from the year:

  1. Fitness for Skiing and Snowboarding
  2. Taking the Mystery Out of Touch On Snow
  3. How to Control Chaos
  4. How to Ski and Teach the Steeps
  5. Behind the Scenes of the New Warren Miller Film


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  • Year in Review: The Top PSIA-AASI Stories of 2019


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