Max’s Product Spotlight: Tip of the Day Cards

Today, PSIA-AASI Merchandise Coordinator/Warehouse Manager Max Felix shines the spotlight on the Alpine (F27), Snowboarding (F28), Park and Pipe (F29) and Nordic (F26) Tip of the Day cards. They are a great resource available to PSIA-AASI members at no cost—thanks to our generous sponsor, Subaru of America.

These cards are designed to be a piece of collateral education that your students can take with them and reference when they are on their own.

The Alpine and Snowboard cards feature tips about balance; approaching and managing ice, bumps, and powder; and also provide tips for children’s instruction. There is space for you to jot down your own personalized tip of the day, and you can also write in your name and resort information or insert your business card into the die-cut holder on the inside of the page.

The Park and Pipe cards reference the tenets of the Smart Style program: make a plan, look before you leap, easy style it, and respect gets respect. Also, the ATML Method® is listed, with the specifics of approach, takeoff, maneuver and landing all described. Here again, there is room for you to personalize the card and add your business card.

The Nordic cards provide information first about "Essentials," then offer tips on poling, gliding, and hills, along with space for personalization and your business card.

Available in packs of 50, with a limit of two packs per style/per order; the only thing you pay is shipping and handling charges. When ordered with additional product they do not change your shipping price.

Max Felix, currently in his fifth year as the merchandise coordinator/warehouse manager for PSIA-AASI, takes pride in selecting and providing the best available accessories for the PSIA-AASI membership. He has been actively involved in retail/e-commerce ski and snowboard companies for 18 years. “My passion is providing members with what they want and what they need, so that everybody can have the same life-shaping experiences that I have had in the mountains!” Felix said.

Got a gear question? Shoot Max an e-mail; he's happy to help!

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  • Max’s Product Spotlight: Tip of the Day Cards


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