Published On: October 30, 2023By 1.6 min read

Join us online on Tuesday, December 19th at 5:oo pm for a Member Meeting and vote on potential changes to the Western Region Bylaws.


By-Law Change Summary: 

We believe that the region is best served by board members who bring applicable and beneficial skills and experience to the group, improving our capacity to operate strategically and sustainably.

We believe that as member interest in running and voting for the board has diminished over the last decade, we would be well served by additional avenues to appoint necessary talent to the board.

We also believe that by providing more clear qualifications for board candidates, we ensure a minimum level of engagement in the regional mission.

In summary, there are two material changes being proposed.  First, to clarify that certified members must be active if they wish to run for a board seat, stating that Active Certified members, Alumni members and Lifetime members are eligible to run for the Board of Directors.

Second, the new bylaws propose 6 seats voted in by the membership and 3 seats appointed by the board of directors (with the intention of appointed seats bringing welcome and necessary skills and expertise to the leadership).  The bylaws currently permit for 7-12 board members, voted on by the membership.  For a full break down of logistics and term cycles, please refer to the bylaws posted below.

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions prior to the vote:

Use the document below to help organize your thoughts on each of the suggested changes.


DRAFT of Bylaws up for membership vote on 12.19.23

Draft Bylaws (Clean)

DRAFT of Bylaws tracking all changes up for vote on 12.19.23

Bylaws Draft (Redlined)