Telemark Team

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Grant Bishop


What is your home mountain"
Snow King (Jackson WY)

Who are your official PSIA-AASI Official Suppliers?
Hestra , 22 Designs

What other occupations are you involved in? 
Raft Guide

Describe a teaching or learning experience that sticks out in your mind.
One of my most memorable learning experiences was watching a blind skier (Paul) ski everything but Corbett's Couloir in Jackson Hole. Paul would make it down anything anywhere. Many times I would close my eyes and see if I could make it down the same things Paul did. He was unbelievable to watch!

Telemark Level III, Alpine Level III, Children's Specialist 2

Telemark Specialist Greg Dixon_copperheadshots110116-4163

Gregory Dixon 


What is your home mountain?
Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Hood Meadows, OR

Who are your PSIA-AASI Official Suppliers? 
Blizzard, Hestra, 22 Designs, Scott, Leki, Scarpa, Patagonia

What other occupations are you involved in?
Professional Mt Bike Guide and Instructor. SUP Instructor. 

Describe a teaching or learning experience that sticks out in your mind.
One of my most memorable teaching experiences was from the year I taught at Jackson Hole. I was new to the staff, yet somehow was able to secure a spot teaching for the coveted Steep and Deep Camps. On the first day of my first camp we had a great powder day and I was very anxious to hit the good steep terrain while it was conditions were still fresh. Without spending the proper time to move my group through the appropriate steep progressions, we worked our way to the double diamond Alta Chutes under the Sublet Chair. Alta 3 no problem. Alta 2, we got through it. Alta 0 not so lucky. With a narrow goat trail to get in, my last guest hit a rock and tumbled the entire length of the chute and over the smaller 12 foot cliff, and luckily into a pile of soft snow. We were lucky with the outcome, but had actually put ourselves in some dangerous situations. This was a great lesson to me to make sure that the proper time is spent working on the entire skill set that is needed for more extreme skiing. Picking lines, self arrests, airing out. The lure of fresh powder got the better of me and my group. Lessons were learned by all of us that day. 

Telemark Level III, Alpine Level III, Snowboard Level I, Cross Country Level I, Children's Specialist 2, Freestyle Specialist 1