Don’t Lose Your Edge This Summer: Get Some Rollerblades and Start Skating!

There’s a saying that nothing gets you in better shape for skiing than actually skiing. But what if there’s no snow, like in the summer?

Then you go inline skating!

“Rather than skiing your way into shape, with Rollerblades you can show up in shape,” said Andy Hare, Rollerblade Director of Partnership Marketing. “The benefits of using Rollerblades for your off-season is your first day doesn’t have to be your worst day, and you can be in top ski shape as soon as they open your local mountain.”

The most efficient way to keep your edge while you wait to get back on snow, inline skating is a fun, fast-paced way to stay in shape while working on the same skills that you use skiing, such as turn initiation, leg rotation, counter-rotation, and steering.

As an Official Supplier of PSIA-AASI, Rollerblade is dedicated to making it as easy and affordable as possible for snow pros to get top quality gear for their dry land training. “PSIA-AASI members can go right to their Pro Offers page and buy what are arguably the best recreational skates available at member-specific pricing,” Hare said.

Hare recommends the Rollerblade Macroblade 100, 90, 84 and 80 and the Maxxum 100, 90 and 84 skates as the best skates for skate-to-ski cross-training.

“These skates feature supportive cuff structures and high quality wheels offering the best skating experience possible,” Hare said. “When choosing your ideal skate-to-ski cross-training skates, think about your intended use. Skates with bigger wheels roll faster but have a longer wheelbase. A longer wheelbase turns slower but is more stable at high speed. Skates with smaller wheels turn quicker and roll slower but accelerate quickly.”

The next consideration is choosing a soft construction versus a molded shell skate. “A molded shell is going to offer additional support and durability, feeling more like a ski boot,” explained Hare. “A soft shell skate is going to be lighter and offer less work over long distances.”

Hare said Rollerblade is currently planning a skate-to-ski camp in California in conjunction with some current and former PSIA-AASI Alpine Team members. Details will be made available as soon as the final dates are confirmed. In the meantime, you can use these special videos created in collaboration with PSIA and Rollerblade to dial in your skate-to-ski training.

– Peter Kray