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If you cannot attend a webinar you signed up for, simply let us know at any time BEFORE the scheduled start time and we will issue you a full refund. Any cancellation requests received at any time after the scheduled start time, will NOT be issued a refund.

PSIA-AASI records all webinars for quality assurance purposes only. It is up to PSIA-AASI to release a recorded webinar.

Any and all material you see in the presentation is copyrighted by PSIA-AASI and/or its affiliates. Material within each webinar may not be replicated or redistributed without the prior written consent of PSIA-AASI.

For questions about attending webinars, contact PSIA-AASI vie email.

Contact your region to learn about region-specific webinar cancellation policies. 

Search events on PSIA-AASI Event Calendar.

PSIA-AASI is committed to providing anyone with a disability with access to clinics and exams.

The Americans with Disabilities Act. defines an individual with a disability as a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, a person who has a history or record of such an impairment, or a person who is perceived by others as having such an impairment.

If you feel you have a disability and want to seek a reasonable accommodation during the testing process, let us know ahead the examination so we can work together to create, if possible, the accommodation which will allow you to take the exam under conditions that maintain safety for all involved.

To seek an accommodation, contact the PSIA-AASI region hosting the event at least four weeks before the clinic or exam and notify them of your request for an accommodation in writing.

PSIA-AASI may seek medical or other guidance to address the most appropriate accommodation, so please be prepared with this information if applicable.

Please Note:

PSIA-AASI doesn’t have to provide an accommodation if doing so will cause undue hardship or compromise the safety of anyone involved in the examination process. Undue hardship means significant difficulty or expense, significant disruption of the association, or a change to the basic nature of the fundamental skills being tested.

If an accommodation will cause undue hardship, PSIA-AASI may determine if there is another accommodation that is less burdensome, safer, and/or less expensive.

Instructor Certification

CEUs stand for Continuing Education Units.

Certified Members need to earn a minimum of six (6) CEUs every membership year. A membership year starts July 1 and ends June 30 (example: July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022).

If you earn more than 6 CEU hours, you can apply additional hours over 6 to the following year.

If you don’t maintain your CEUs, your membership status changes to certified inactive. Certified Lifetime and Alumni Members are exempt from CEUs requirements.

If you’re a Certified Member and haven’t maintained or met your CEU requirements:

  • You’ll see a delinquency fee on your membership dues renewal statement.
  • Your membership status changes to certified inactive.
  • To return to certified active status, you’ll need to complete the minimum number of CEUs:
    • 1 year: 12 CEUs
    • 2 years: 18 CEUs
    • 3 years: 24 CEUs
    • 4 years: 24 CEUs
  • If you don’t earn the minimum amount of CEUs at the end of 4 years, you’ll be reassigned to the Alumni Member category.

Learn more about PSIA-AASI’s reinstatement process.

Yes. If you’re a Certified Member, you may participate in the assessment process of another discipline at the same level of certification you hold in your primary discipline. To do so, you must first petition and get approval from the host region. Then, you must participate in any or all prerequisites required by the host region before taking the assessment.

PSIA-AASI’s Certified Member Cross Discipline Policy does not apply to adaptive certification assessments. If you’d like to participate in an adaptive certification assessment at the same level as your current certification in another discipline, you must contact your PSIA-AASI region for more details.

Example: If you are a Certified Member with your Alpine Level II you may participate in the Telemark Level II assessment after you complete the Telemark Level II assessment prerequisites. In this example, you do not need to complete your Telemark Level I as you already have your Alpine Level II.

If you are a US Ski and Snowboard (USSS) member with your USSS certification (Level 100 or higher) who joins PSIA-AASI you can opt out of the PSIA-AASI level I certification assessment.

Your member card will not show your USSS certification, but having your USSS certification allows you to bypass the level I assessment to participate in the level II assessment of the discipline in which you hold your USSS certification. Once you pass your PSIA-AASI certification assessment, your member card will show your certification.

Example: You are a USSS Level 100 alpine skier who joins PSIA-AASI. Your member card will read Registered Member. You do not need to take the Alpine Level I assessment to participate in the Alpine Level II assessment. Once you pass your Level II your membership card will read Certified Member.


PSIA-AASI is the largest organization in the world dedicated to snowsports, and the only one in the U.S. dedicated to resourcing, elevating, and advancing professional ski and snowboard education in this country. Here’s just a sample of what membership enables and offers you: 

  • The ongoing development, publication and dissemination of world-class materials to support and drive your development as a professional instructor.  
  • Professionally developed manuals for 5 disciplines and 3 specialties; more than 100 educational webinars a year at the national level, alone, plus hundreds more at the regional level; a weekly podcast; an educational magazine published by the national office 3x per year; and so much more.  
  • Resources for snowsports schools to assist them in hiring and training the best ski and snowboard instructors. 
  • More than 3,000 region-based certification, education, and community-building events taking place at a ski area near you. 
  • National Academies: PSIA-AASI’s premier national events allow you to expand your knowledge, perspective, and network at a world-class ski resort.  
  • The PSIA-AASI National Team: The 30+ pros on the team represent all disciplines and are on the leading edge of innovation and further development of snowsports instruction methods. They have decades of experience across teaching, leadership, and education development roles and, in addition to pushing your profession to new heights, are available to member schools as a resource.  
  • Pro deals from nearly 60 outdoor gear companies. The savings you get on a new pair of skis or new board often cover the cost of membership, alone.  
  • Dedicated, experienced staff who share your passion for skiing, riding, and teaching. This includes teams based in multiple states across 8 distinct regions, meaning there are staff on the ground who understand your unique experiences and represent them at a national level.  
  • Recognition that those who wear the pin are the best of the best, and key to the future of the snowsports industry.  

The last time PSIA-AASI national dues increased was in 2019. Membership hit a record high in 2024, driving demand for services, materials, and events. The dues increase will allow us to do more for more people, and to keep pace with inflation. 

PSIA-AASI and the eight PSIA-AASI regions work together to provide you the education programs and certification standards to help you become a better skier or rider and teacher.

PSIA-AASI works with leaders from across the country to write certification standards and train examiners, the people who teach other instructors how to teach, so you know what to expect from your certification exams and all certification exams are consistent. This means all certification clinics and exams – from Level I to Level III – follow the same format and use the same content, so you know what skills you’ll gain from achieving your certification and its consistent across the country.

PSIA-AASI also publishes education resources, such as technical manuals and 32 Degrees magazine, and partners with Official Suppliers to provide you access to Pro Offers.

PSIA-AASI regions support you on the regional level and hold events including training clinics and certification exams. Regions are your local resource clinics and certification. Regions also work closely with ski and ride schools to provide training resources for instructors so you can feel confident in your skills and job. If you want to pursue a leadership role, regions also have volunteer opportunities to help you get your foot in the door and advance your snowsports career.

You will see two line items on your membership dues invoice – one for national and one for your region. Each region is unique and each sets its fee based on the member services it provides; the same is true for the national office. You only need to renew once and we divide the funds.  

You can belong to one or multiple regions or transfer your membership to another region. To change your region, contact the region you want to transfer to and pay a $25 transfer fee. Transfer fees are not required if you request to transfer before paying your annual membership dues.

PSIA-AASI has six membership categories:

Registered Members. You’re a PSIA-AASI member who’s starting your education journey and hasn’t yet achieved your PSIA-AASI certification.

Certified Members. You have achieved your Level I, Level II, or Level III certification from PSIA-AASI in any discipline. As a Certified Member, you must obtain 6 CEUs every membership year (July 1 through June 30).

Alumni Members. You’ve been a PSIA-AASI member for six (6) years or longer, and you no longer wish to maintain your certification.

Honorary Members. You’ve been recognized by the PSIA-AASI Board of Directors for your outstanding service in the snowsports industry.

Lifetime Members. You’ve been recognized by your region and the PSIA-AASI Board of Directors. You’re not required to maintain continuing education units.

To find your membership category, log in to your Member Portal, select the Memberships tab and look under the “Membership Types” column.

You can make a one-time payment, set up quarterly payments, or sign up for a recurring membership. The latter ensures you never miss a renewal period (or face a late fee) and don’t have to be bothered by renewal reminder emails. Those on the auto-renew and quarter-pay plans are automatically entered to win any member drive prizes!  Sign up for automatic payments in your member portal. 

Our membership cycle is based on our fiscal year, which begins July 1. To get the most benefit from your dues, enroll early to access pro deals, 32 Degrees Magazine, one free digital manual in your discipline, and to not miss any of the great webinars or events across the country that build your skills and knowledge, confidence, and community. 

The Reinstatement Policy is the path for former members to rejoin and recover their certification. The process can occur at any time during the year. The reinstatement process is for a previous member who wants to rejoin as a Certified Member or for an Alumni Member who wants to move out of Alumni into Certified Membership status.


  • The reinstatement process is the same for all disciplines.
  • If wishing to rejoin PSIA-AASI and do not want to pursue or maintain a certification, rejoining can be done as an Alumni Member (if qualifications are met) or as a Registered Member and bypass the reinstatement process.
  • If currently an Alumni Member and want to move membership status to Certified Member, the same reinstatement process needs to be completed and pay fifty-percent (50%) of the reinstatement fee.

Reinstatement Process

One Year Membership Lapse. You must:

    • Pay the previous season’s membership dues (+ late fee).
    • Pay the current season’s membership dues invoice.
    • Continue to meet CEU requirements (6 CEUs a season and whatever CEU’s may be outstanding past and current).

2 -4 Year Membership Lapse.* You must:

      • Pay a $210 reinstatement fee.
      • Pay the current season’s membership dues.
      • Membership years will reflect the original join date
      • Follow the certified inactive process and earn CEUs for each year you did not pay dues. CEU’s shall be earned within the season of reinstatement. not attained, member remains in inactive status and is responsible for paying any associated fee(s):
        • 2 years: 18 CEUs
        • 3 years: 24 CEUs
        • 4 years: 24 CEUs

5 – 10 Years Membership Lapse.* You must:

  • Pay a $380 reinstatement fee.
  • Pay the current season’s membership dues.
  • Earn 24 CEUs within one season. If not attained, member remains in inactive status and is responsible for paying any associated fee. Member is responsible for working with their primary region and gaining approval for the recertification plan. The processes vary by region.
  • Membership years of service will be determined by the Regional Executive Leader.

11 or more Years Lapsed Membership

  • Member may apply to a region for recertification consideration. If accepted, a personal recertification plan will be developed by the region in which the member wishes to recertify.

*If going through the reinstatement process, the membership will show inactive status (including on the member card) until the required continuing education units (CEUs) are met, and any other reinstatement process requirements. Once completed membership status will update to active status.

Updated: August 1, 2023

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  5. View and download your digital member card

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