Interski is coming back to the USA in 2027!

Dates: April 3-10, 2027
Location: Vail, CO
Details: Check out our recent news story!

Held every four years, Interski brings instructors together from around the world and the event offers a valuable education opportunity to share innovations and core beliefs. It gives PSIA-AASI, through its national team, an opportunity to compare the American Teaching System with educational approaches of other countries and bring home ideas that help PSIA-AASI members improve and evolve.


Dates: Sunday, March 26 through Friday, March 31, 2023
Location: Levi, Finland

PSIA-AASI Interski Supplement

The PSIA-AASI National Team

The PSIA-AASI National Team sets the standard for American snowsports instruction and embodies the ski and snowboard experience. PSIA-AASI hand-selected the 29 team members – who serve along with 8 coaches – in for their range of skills that allow them to serve as inspirational leaders and build enthusiasm for learning and having fun skiing and riding. The team represents 5 diciplines and take a ONEteam approach, meaning they work togehter to help improve the guest experience. This team is represtenting PSIA-AASI from April 2021 to April 2024.

Meet the team members here.

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Event Demonstrations and Lectures

  • Building Hypothesis-Based Teaching in Adaptive Sports (Lecture – Adaptive). Presenters: Christina Bruno, Geoff Krill, Mike Ma. Learn about applying discipline-specific fundamentals and individual education plans to learning experiences for students with disabilities.
  • Adapting Fundamentals and Equipment to Create Breakthroughs (On-Snow Workshop – Adaptive). Presenters: Christina Bruno, Geoff Krill, and Mike Ma. Gain basic knowledge of adaptive equipment and how fundamentals apply to its use. Learn how to use adaptive equipment to apply fundamentals in a learning progression for independence and skill acquisition.
  • Adaptive Integration with Learning Connection Model (Lecture – Adaptive). Presenters: Christina Bruno, Geoff Krill, and Mike Ma. Understand how the Learning Connection Model’s fundamentals apply to adaptive snowsports. Learn how the instructor decision-making element of the Learning Connection impacts effective lessons.
  • Observing, Assessing, and Training People Skills (On-Snow Workshop – Alpine). Presenters: Josh Fogg, Kevin Jordan, Zoe Mavis, and Ann Schorling. Observe specific behaviors that PSIA-AASI assesses as a foundation for training in people skills.
  • Freestyle and the Learning Connection (Lecture & On-Snow Workshop – Alpine). Presenters: Ryan Christofferson and Ben Potts. Learn how a freestyle approach can enhance instructors’ people skills, teaching skills, and technical skills across all learning environments.
  • Alpine Technical Fundamentals for Learning (Lecture & On-Snow Workshop – Alpine). Presenters: Jonathan Ballou, Bart Flynn, George Flynn, and Brenna Kelleher. Gain a greater understanding of how technical decisions are driven by the student’s desires and goals, not the instructor’s biases and accepted “ideals.”
  • Creating Partnerships in the Learning Environment with People-Skill Fundamentals (On-Snow Workshop – Cross Country). Presenters:Emily Lovett and PSIA XC Team. Understand how and why PSIA-AASI differentiates people skills and teaching skills in instructor curriculum. Gain an awareness of the people-skill fundamentals and how to use them to create a learning partnership with students.
  • Adapting the Learning Environment: PSIA-AASI Teaching Skills (On-Snow Workshop – Cross Country). Presenters: Zeke Fashingbauer and PSIA XC Team. Understand how PSIA-AASI’s teaching-skill fundamentals apply to cross country instruction. Experience how the teaching-skill fundamentals support highly productive lessons.
  • Strategies and Tools to Guide Learning and Create Consistency (Lecture – Cross Country). Presenters: Tulie Budiselich, Zeke Fashingbauer, and Emily Lovett. Understand how PSIA-AASI’s Learning Connection Model promotes consistent, high-quality guest experiences in cross country skiing. Gain insight into the tools PSIA-AASI uses to educate and certify instructors, including on-snow clinics and online resources such as e-learning, videos, and workbooks.
  • Cross Country Technical Fundamentals (On-Snow Workshop – Cross Country). Presenters: Tulie Budiselich and PSIA XC Team. Become familiar with the Cross Country Skiing Fundamentals developed by PSIA-AASI. Demonstrate an understanding of at least one technical fundamental and how to use it to describe essential movements and provide objective feedback.
  • Creating Snowboard Community (Lecture – Snowboard). Presenters: Stephanie Wilkerson and Tony Macri. Learn how PSIA-AASI uses video, media, and events to create a strong snowboard community, and how this increases member retention.
  • Freestyle Focus on Fundamentals (On-Snow Workshop – Snowboard). Presenters: Amy Gan Bailey, Matt Larson, and other AASI Snowboard Team members. Learn how to use all the fundamentals to teach and train for different freestyle tricks and how to use performance and balancing moves to influence style.
  • Assessing Technical Understanding Through Self-Evaluation and Self-Reflection (On-Snow Workshop – Snowboard). Presenters: Brian Donovan, Eric Rolls, and other AASI Snowboard Team members. Understand how instructors can use the Fitts and Posner model of motor-skill acquisition to evaluate technical understanding in snowboard assessments and lessons.
  • Movement Analysis (On-Snow Workshop – Snowboard). Presenters: Chris Rogers, Chuck Hewitt, and other AASI Snowboard Team members. Learn how PSIA-AASI trains instructors to apply movement analysis and accurate cause-and-effect relationships between body movement and board performance to promote guest understanding. Gain knowledge of the “observe, evaluate, prescribe” process for movement analysis.
  • Snowboarding Technical Fundamentals (On-Snow Workshop – Snowboard). Presenters: Lyndsey Stevens, Tony Macri, and other AASI Snowboard Team members. Learn how to use the Snowboarding Fundamentals when teaching snowboarding.
  • Building Guest-Centered Outcomes through Application of the Telemark Skiing Fundamentals (Lecture – Telemark). Presenters: Gregory Dixon, Keith Rodney, and Jim Shaw. See how instructors use the Telemark Skiing Fundamentals, Skills Concept, and various educational resources to adapt their teaching to support student goals. Understand how we assess instructor behaviors and their role in creating guest connections.
  • Building Guest-Centered Outcomes through Application of the Telemark Skiing Fundamentals (On-Snow Workshop – Telemark). Presenters: Gregory Dixon, Keith Rodney, and Jim Shaw. Learn the Telemark Skiing Fundamentals and how they form the framework for technically proficient telemark skiing. Learn how people skills, teaching skills, and technical skills are combined with insight into instructor behavior to provide engaging guest experiences that produce desired outcomes.

Interski 2019 Educational Material

Read the Interski 2019 supplement: The Learning Connection & Teaching Snowsports Presentation Supplement.

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