National Certification Standards

Looking to take it to the next level of certification? Here’s your one-stop shop for PSIA-AASI’s most up-to-date certification standards that will help guide your training and studying. These standards represent the minimum level of competency expected for each level of certification. You can also review PSIA-AASI’s Americans with Disabilities policy.

If you’re a candidate for certification, you’ll be held to the to the knowledge and performance standards of the level you’re testing for, as well as the standards for all preceding levels. (For example, a Level II candidate needs to meet all Level I standards.)

Current PSIA-AASI National Certification and Certificate Standards:

These standards are the same across the country – transferrable from division to division. Level III is the highest certification and meets International Snowsports Instructors Alliance (ISIA) standards. You can take your certification to a global level and teach all over the world.

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