women's virtual summit

Sponsored by the Nancy Oakes Hall Women’s Scholarship

Event: Women’s Virtual Summit 2021
Dates: Sunday, Feb. 28 (5:30 – 7 p.m. MST) and Monday, March 1, 2021 (9 a.m. – 6 p.m. MST)
Location: Online
Rate: $80 with discount (originally $160 – 50 percent discount sponsored by the Nancy Oakes Hall Women’s Scholarship) 
CEUs: 8 CEUs available for PSIA-AASI Members
Open to: PSIA-AASI, National Ski Patrol, USSA, and CSIA members. (If you’re a not a PSIA-AASI member, you’ll need to create an account when you register.)

Schedule Overview:

  • Feb. 28 (5:30 p.m. MST): Kickoff Keynote with Julie Foudy, Women’s Soccer Hall of Fame Inductee
  • March 1 (9 a.m. – 2:15 p.m. MST): Live education sessions
  • March 1 (4:30 – 6 p.m. MST): Closing Keynote with Devin Logan, Olympic Silver Medalist (Slopestyle) & Team USA Freestyle Skiing Athlete

To make this event affordable and accessible to all women, the Nancy Oakes Hall Women’s Scholarship is sponsoring the event. In the spirit of Nancy’s vision, the virtual event will be:

  • Comprehensive
  • In-depth
  • Illuminating
  • Inspiring
  • Feature coaches from all around the country
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Event Schedule

Before you register, please read through the event schedule and select the sessions you would like to attend. All event participants will be automatically registered for the Kickoff Keynote: Owning Your Awesome with Julie Foudy and the Closing Keynote: Self Evolution with Devin Logan.

Owning your Awesome with Julie Foudy
Settle in and kick off the Virtual Women’s Summit with National Soccer Hall of Famer and ESPN reporter and spokesperson, Julie Foudy. Learn about how she has blazed the way for many new and exciting opportunities for women’s leadership in sports. As former president of the Women’s Sports Foundation, she has also helped to create awareness and accountability in the sports industry.

Moving the Needle on Women in Snowsports with Ann Schorling & Jennifer Weier
Join people skills taskforce members Ann and Jennifer and learn how the fundamentals were utilized to build the learning outcomes in the new certification standards. How do people skills help develop behavioral traits and ultimately create deeper connections with students and colleagues? Change your connection behaviors without changing your personality!

Alpine Boot Fitting and Alignment with Carol Levine
First there is fit so you can ski comfortably and effectively, then there’s alignment so you can ski efficiently and perform your best. How do these factors affect your personal performance? How do they affect your students and how do you know?

Whole Teaching, Whole Learning with Mermer Blakeslee
This is for teachers who want a simple (but not simplistic) way to engage their students in meaningful learning vortexes so they can explore more of the mountain and feel more comfort and/or more thrill as they develop the art of sliding. We will discuss and integrate the many parts of teaching-technical understanding, psychology, learning concepts-into a WHOLE approach. Skiers and snowboarders are welcome with discipline specific breakout rooms. 

Fitness Gains & Skill Development through Cross Country Skiing with Emily Lovett & Patti Banks
How can cross country skiing improve your skiing and riding? Cross country skiing is an easily accessible sport and is an exhilarating, human-powered activity. It also naturally increases fitness, including endurance, balance, core and upper body strength.

Women in Leadership Roundtable – Moderator Alison Cummings
Join in this roundtable discussion with trailblazing women in the snowsports industry and discuss strategies, ideas, and tactics to break into the management realm.

International Roundtable with Brenna Kelleher, Heidi Ettlinger & other National team friends
What’s happening in the world of snowsports, specifically with women leadership? Join us at the table for insight from around the world and learn about opportunities, overcoming challenges involving management, training, development, and mentorship.

Creating Teamwork Through a Focus on People Skills with Emily Lovett & Patti Banks
Effective teamwork creates high performing units that are typically more rewarding to work within and outperform individual performance. In this session we will explore how we can use PSIA-AASI’s People Skills Fundamentals as a framework for facilitating teamwork.

Snowboarding “Next Level”- You Can Do It! with Bonnie Kolber
The “Next Level” clinic is for women in AASI who are interested in higher levels of certification. This session will offer an overview of resources on how to create a training plan, as well as help foster connections among women in our industry who can support each other along the path to professional development for Level II and II cert (and beyond).

NSP (National Ski Patrol) Trailblazers with Tonya Thomas
Come hear from some of the ladies of NSP about how they started breaking the glass ceiling for women on patrol. Featured speaker is Gretchen Besser, US Ski & Snowboard Hall of Famer and previous NSP Historian. Discussion/debate to follow about the women’s program.

Language of Teaching with Stacey Gerrish
This session will reference personal experience and the experience of other coaches to provide information relevant to creating learning experiences for all humans in snowsports. Participants will collaborate and experiment with the result of certain word choices. How we teach is as important as what we teach. 

Checking Under the Hood with Heidi Ettlinger & Krista Crabtree
Learn how to demystify gear selection as well as how to enhance your resort-based women’s program through gear-testing programs. The session will encourage group discussion to encourage questions and boost your knowledge and confidence around gear.

Create Your Own Place at the Table with Amy Gan Bailey
In this webinar, we will look at ways to set ourselves up for success so that we can  create more opportunities for ourselves in a snowsports environment, as well as bringing others up with us.

The Importance of Failure with Maggie Loring & Mermer Blakeslee
Learn to accept and transform failure to deepen and broaden your awareness as you mature in your skiing or riding, career, and personhood. Maggie and Mermer will reflect on key skills that help us approach failure with imagination, creativity, and vision to unleash the potential for learning wrapped up in defeat.  

Replenishing the Well with Sue Kramer & Panel
This panel group of pros will share personal experiences and recommendations for staying healthy- physically, mentally and spiritually- to keep us energized and inspired.

 The Art of Being (more) Emotionally Intelligent with Fran Tone
We’ll focus on People Skills with an emotional intelligence focus. You can gain more control over your environment, and influence students with honed EI skills. Focus can be with students, or with peers/superiors – it’s all leadership.

Self Evolution with Devin Logan
“Drop in” with Devin to close out the Summit! Devin Logan is a two time Olympian and 2014 Olympic Silver Medalist in the sport of Freeskiing. As an athlete of one of the fastest evolving extreme sports, she competes at the highest level in both SlopeStyle and HalfPipe. Growing up the youngest of five children, she attributes her success to “tough love” from her older siblings. With her sights set on her third Olympic Games in Beijing, she has had to overcome the obstacles and adversity her sport demands.

After reading the session descriptions above, follow these steps to register:

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  4. Select one presentation for each of the three sessions
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All you need to participate in this season’s virtual event is a smartphone, or a computer and an internet connection. The event will return to in-person at Stowe, Vermont in 2022.

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