Interski 2019 Recap: Top Stories, Videos, Podcasts + Photos

Interski 2019 in Pamporovo, Bulgaria, is officially over, and the countdown to Interski 2023 in Levi, Finland, has begun. Members of PSIA-AASI’s Interski delegation are, no doubt, savoring their experiences – and here’s a perfect opportunity for you to get in on the educational abundance that Interski represents.

The event kicked off to great fanfare on Sunday, March 17, with equally captivating closing ceremonies taking place the evening of March 23. Held every four years, Interski brings instructors together from around the world. With a focus on education, the event offers a valuable opportunity to share innovations and core beliefs.

It gives PSIA-AASI, through our National Team, an opportunity to compare the American Teaching System with educational approaches of other countries, and bring home new ideas that help #snowpros improve and evolve.You can check out all the photos, tweets, and videos  through these Snow Pro social media channels: FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, and click on the links below to read daily reports from the scene.

And for a one-stop shop for all-things Interski, including podcasts and tagboard of all #Interski2019 social media posts, check out PSIA-AASI’s Interski page.

Day 1: Opening Ceremony, New Guests + Kids Can Snowboard

Interski 2019 kicked off with the PSIA-AASI National Team joining hundreds of attendees from around the world to share ideas and innovations for growing snowsports. Read about the highlights, including SNOW Operating President and CEO Joe Hession’s keynote.

Day 2: Give the People What They Want

Former PSIA Alpine Team member and teaching icon Mike Porter gave the PSIA-AASI delegation some sage words of wisdom during Sunday nights opening of Interski 2019. “When you watch what the teams from other countries are doing in their demonstrations,” he said, “you can see what kind of guests they are trying to attract.”

Day 3: Cooperation, Collaboration + the Value of Disagreement

Collaborative connections with an emphasis on the educational approaches that will power the future of snowsports are alive and well at Interski 2019. Read how they can impact and enhance the work that you do.

Day 4: Swedes, Surprises + Adaptive Synchronicity

At Interski, which occurs every four years in locations around the globe, you can expect to encounter certain themes – like new ways to improve your students’ technique, or a twist on experiential learning.

Day 5: Lost in the Woods + Future of Free-Heel

PSIA-AASI headed to the slopes of Pamporovo on the last day of Interskit to lead interactive clinics based on the People, Technical, and Teaching Skills that comprise the Learning Connection. Eight separate U.S. presentations also took place indoors, to further explore the Teaching, Technical, and People Skills that form the Learning Connection.

Day 6: Dave Schuiling Talks Impact, Teaching + PSIA-AASI’s HUGE Delegation

PSIA-AASI Director of Education discusses the work that went into preparing for the instructional symposium, his new international role, and what it all means for the future of teaching here at home.