Interski 2019 Day 6: Dave Schuiling Talks Impact, Teaching + PSIA-AASI’s HUGE Delegation

PSIA-AASI Director of Education Dave Schuiling spent the past four years preparing for Interski 2019 in Bulgaria, coordinating the overall message, presentations, and idea-gathering strategy at the event with the Team, and with thought leaders from every discipline across the association.

Here, he discusses the work that went into preparing for the instructional symposium, his new international role, and what it all means for the future of teaching here at home.

What does your new role on the IVSS Board mean to you and PSIA-AASI?

I was elected as the USA representative on the IVSS Board. IVSS is the International Association of Snowsports at Schools and Universities. The new board consists of seven country representatives from Germany, Austria, Sweden, Great Britain, Slovenia, Bulgaria, and the United States. Key objectives for IVSS include enhancing further development of snowsports through educational institutions.

Our work with Penn State University on alignment, consistency, and future degree programs relates nicely to the overall aims of IVSS. I look forward to collaborating with other countries as we build our own snowsports institute for future research and development of snowsports.

What kind of work went into preparing for Interski 2019?

Countless hours of prep and vision that began before the last Interski in 2015 at Ushuaia, when we unveiled the Learning Connection framework. Three manuals (FreestyleAdaptive Alpine, and Teaching Snowsports, a re-launch of the Matrix, roll out of our digital e-learning platform and First Chair podcast, direct-to-consumer marketing, and partnerships with other snowsports focused entities to promote snowsports to a wider audience, and an incredible national team to promote, work, and spread the word — all connected to the theme of Interski2019 – Future.snowsports.

The team delivered at the highest level in all aspects of the event, from technical and show demos, to workshops and indoor lectures. I’m blown away with the amount of commitment and work this team put into to delivering our message to the world.

At the event; what impressed you most?

Much of my role within PSIA-AASI is focused on consistency across all sports and divisions. Our national team delivered an incredibly consistent message around the Learning Connection, across all disciplines and in all workshops and lectures. We stood as one, united country to share what we feel is critical to the future of snowsports. No matter what discipline session another country attended, the message from the USA was loud and clear — developing well-balanced People, Teaching and Technical skills that create contagious learning experiences and connect learners at a deeper level. We’ve worked incredibly hard to communicate this message across our entire association, and the team absolutely sent it out of the park on the largest world stage for snowsports. It was so powerful.How this will impact evolution of education here at home?

I think the work of this Interski will impact our education here at home more than possibly ever before. We have a clear and consistent message and clearly stated outcomes for where we are headed in the name of consistency for snowsports education within PSIA-AASI, and we just told the rest of the world!

The feedback that we received from other countries was very positive. As was the fact that our educational leadership from all divisions are working closely with the national team. We sent the team to deliver our association-wide message for growth, development and consistency in snowsports. We are truly taking the 3 C’s to heart across all divisions and disciplines.

Anything else?

All members of the PSIA-AASI National Team were inspired and supported well with the largest delegation of the entire congress. We were 93 strong in the entire USA delegation. This support spoke volumes to the incredibly hard work that went into preparing for this event. I’ve heard from some already that this event was a “career high” and “life-altering” experience.

The commitment to all, including the selfless volunteerism of the team, combined with the support of our enthusiastic delegation, was truly inspirational. We’re already planning and looking ahead to Levi, Finland in 2023. I can’t wait to get going on what’s next for PSIA-AASI!

Listen to Dave talk about the Interski experience on this First Chair Podcast.