Rossignol Now Offers Snow Pros E-Bikes as Part of Bike Collection

Extending its promise of “Another Best Day” beyond the winter months, Rossignol has unveiled a new 2019 bike collection that provides the technical innovation and performance for whatever playground PSIA-AASI members choose.

Including a complete range of mountain bikes, E-bikes, and a new commuter model, the Rossignol bike collection is spec’d to suit every “off-season” need. Using the experience and expertise of their partners at Felt Bicycles, Rossignol has designed the perfect tools to escape into the mountains this summer, whether cruising with the family or racing down singletrack with friends.

The new North American collection for 2019 includes 12 unique bike models, including six full-suspension and six hard-tail offerings across E-Bike, DH, Enduro, Trail, Commuter, and Junior categories with 27.5, 27.5+, and 29-inch wheelsets for adults, and 24 and 20-inch wheelsets for juniors.

2019 marks the inaugural launch of Rossignol E-Bikes in North America with the full-suspension E Track Trail and the hard-tail E Track 27+.  The E Track Trail combines the fun of a downhill bike with the ease of electric-assist for those long climbs. Ride time is extended with a battery that can reach up to 70 miles on a single charge. The E Track 27+ is the hard-tail option designed for climbing or descending, delivering outstanding performance and comfort.

Rossignol also introduces the all-new All Track Pathway, a perfect cruiser bike for those comfortable, pleasant rides and daily commutes. Equipped with front suspension and hydraulic brakes, the Pathway offers a secure and stable ride in any conditions.

“Rossignol is committed to elevating the outdoor experience through premium technology and innovation,” said Kurt Hoefler, Rossignol VP of Sales and Marketing. “Now with the support, collaboration, and expertise of our friends at Felt, we’re producing a very focused and credible product offering. One that’s not only unique in its construction, geometry, and components, but is also sure to deliver the type of experience consumers expect from the Rossignol brand.”

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