Get Ready to Go Back to Snowsports School with Educational Resources

It’s the last day of July. Which means it’s time to ramp up your off-season training routine – for your body and your brain.

Here are several key educational resources – including discipline-specific offerings – that can help get you back up to speed before winter starts.

Teaching Snowsports Manual
Ski and snowboard instructors across the country can enhance their professional development with the Teaching Snowsports Manual, released last fall. This manual brings to life the three components of PSIA-AASI’s Learning Connection – people skills, teaching skills, and technical skills – to provide a framework for snowsports instructors’ development. This education resource is available for purchase through the PSIA-AASI Catalog.

Alpine Technical Manual (including Audio Book option + new Appendix)
In February, the Alpine Technical Manual was released as an audiobook. This is a great resource if you’re an auditory learner or want to study on the go. Also, the Alpine Skiing Fundamentals Appendix has been packaged as a supplement to the print edition of the manual. New purchases of the print edition include the appendix. Those who purchased the print version of the Alpine Technical Manual before January 30, 2019, can order the printed appendix for no charge (beyond a U.S. Mail shipping charge of $5.01).

If you purchased the digital edition of the Alpine Technical Manual before January 30, 2019, access the Snow Pro Library app to download the updated manual on your device. All previous digital purchases viewed by computer include the update.

Adaptive Alpine Technical Manual
This manual, also released last fall, provides a solid foundation for helping students with disabilities experience freedom on one ski, two skis, or sit-ski equipment. Covering a variety of topics, including student assessment, equipment, and progressions for various student categories – and enhanced by supplemental video – the Adaptive Alpine Technical Manual a must-have for all adaptive instructors, not just those who teach students on alpine-based equipment. 

And don’t forget these resources for adaptive instructors (each of which is available as a free PDF download at the Adaptive Snowboard Guide and Adaptive Snowsports Instruction. Another resource, Fundamental Mechanics of Alpine Skiing Across Adaptive Disciplines, is available as a free PDF or for purchase as a print resource.

Other Discipline-Specific Technical Manuals
If you teach cross country, snowboard, freestyle, and/or telemark lessons, you’ll want to make sure your print or digital library includes the following education resources:

  • Cross Country Technical Manual
  • Snowboard Technical Manual
  • Telemark Technical Manual
  • Freestyle Technical Manual

Get more info on these and other must-have education resources from PSIA-AASI.